Winter is Coming

These last two weeks have been really good! The weather has been crazy

one day it was like 75 the next day it was 25 haha and tomorrow we are

supposed to get snow so it’s been pretty up and down for weather I am

excited for winter to just be over and spring to come.

Last Monday a recent convert took us out to leados pizza he’s a really

funny dude his name is Sean and his wife charisma. They are probably

the funniest couple I ever met but I love them.

We contact a ton in this are there are so many people on the streets

it’s crazy we are pretty much at lessons or contacting all of the day.

It’s actually been really interesting and lot of really different

people. We found this awesome dude named G and his friend josh we had

a appointment at his house and it was cool he didn’t have any chairs

so all just sat cris cross apple sauce in his floor and he asked a lot

of good questions. He was in prison Because he killed someone but god

lead him out he has a really strong testimony of father. On Sunday we

metrod to his house and then metroed and took a bus with him to

church. He really enjoyed church our ward does this thing after

sacrament meeting were anybody this is visiting stands up and

introduces them selfs and he stood up and said he would be back and

that he really enjoyed his  time at church. That was exciting!

We are also working with this lady #Paulina she really a super nice

lady she is a catholic and just out of pure niceness let us in then

really understood and felt the spirt as we shared the messenger of the

restored gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted to come to church but this

week she was in New York but we we are meeting with her tomorrow and

she said she would for sure be at church next week with her daughter

and 2 grandkids we are really praying the lessons ith her goes well

and she continues to feel the spirt.

On Friday we had a dinner with a few people In our ward a guy named

Caesar, brother and sister seay. Brother seay is the nicest guy ever

really awesome man. Also this lady named Dona Jenkins and Dashay. It

was a really nice diner it was at caesars houses it was fun I just

listen to everyone’s conversations because it was a good mix of really

wealthy and really not and just everyone had such different

backgrounds of life it was a fun dinner.

Also super awesome part of the week was on Saturday I got to go to

Stevie’s baptism it was so fun to see him and how excited he was and

all of the old ward members it was super great and I am so excited for


That was my last week! I love you guys and hope you all have great weeks!



I just had like the coolest lesson of my whole mission! So I had to

tell you all about it.

So the church hired google to do some adds for the church and how they

can distribute more Books of Mormon so we get a call for Krisa del

todo the head of non profit for google and asks if she can meet with

us at the google campus here in D.C. So the meeting was today at 12

and it was the coolest so we go we sign in get our badges they give us

fancy bottled water then we meet the team of 5 working on this project

we go have a fancy lunch then go to a conference  room and we have

this meeting and they ask all about how the whole system works now and

and who is most receptive and who to target and just all kinda of

questions really cool they show us some stuff they are trying to do.

Then at the end we teach them the restoration and they asked a bunch

of questions they all took Books of Mormon all of the cards and stuff

we had and we have another meeting in 2 weeks with them it was just

super cool! They like had talked to church headquarters about having

us and stuff way cool experience! There was no good opportunities to

take photos but I got this one crapy selfie!


The District

Hey Family!

This week has been a exciting week! So last Monday we got call outs

and I got assigned to the Washington DC 3rd south area witch I am

really excited about we cover the national mall and downtown so it’s a

pretty unique opportunity so far it’s been really cool! The ward here

is a pretty exciting very diverse and a huge wealth disparity we got a

lot of big time lawyers and politicians and economists but then we

have a couple of homeless people and and some people in government

housing. So a very diverse ward very exciting place.

So last Tuesday was my last day in QO so I went and said bye to

everyone I was kinda sad to leave we had a lot going in the area so

that was too bad but hopefully I get to go back for the baptisms of

Stevie and Gina.

Well the first week here was good so many people so that has been fun

we contact like 100+ people everyday. A lot of walking it’s nice to be

back on foot and public transportation you see a lot of interesting

things on the metro. We met really cool kid named Troy he’s a G he

came to church on Sunday and it was pretty sweet he had a big gold

necklace with Jesus made of diamonds on it. He’s awesome we may have

to turn him over to the YSA missionaries so we are a little sad about

that but he’s way cool.

Life is going good I love the mission and I love the church and how it

truly is for everyone the gospel is meant to bring joy to your life no

matter who you are or where you came from the gospel will bring joy to

your life! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Short week!

This week was a great week we met with Stevie, Gina and Janet all 3times each this week they are all doing great! They are super prepared and awesome. It’s been really cool to watch the testimony of Gina grow as she reads the Book of Mormon she got all the way to alma 37! Super great Stevie is getting baptized March 4th Gina March 11th and remember Alexis from Brooklyn well I saw her at the visiting she ran up and talked to me and told me she was getting baptized March 18th so this week has just been marvelous!

Super sad news though is I am being transferred to D.C. 3rd which is really cool because the White House is in my area so I may try and knock a few times hahaha but I am sad to leave especially because we got so much going on right now!
Sorry so short but this week was super amazing I will send more next week.
Love Elder Davidson


Hey family!This week was a fantastic week! I am really starting to like the quince orchard area and starting to know the area a little better so that been good! I really love the ward too!

On Thursday we had a lesson with Gina at the Temple Visitors Center and I have always been in area kinda far and taught people without cars so this was my first lesson ever in the VC and it was amazing!
The spirt was so strong and it really helped Gina have a deeper understanding of the church and that baptism is just the first step but very important step to live with her heavenly father again. She also got to watch the Jospeh Smith video it was just all around great and at the end she committed to be baptized March 11th!

Stevie is also doing really well we met with him a couple of times this week and he’s really excited for his baptism on March 4th! I love Stevie he’s such a funny great guy I am really excited for him!
Also last week we found a lady name Janet and he son mecca, they have recently been going through some really hard times Mecca has had a lot of medical issues. But she was super open to gods love and the church and she has now came to church two weeks now in a row and is doing great so we are excited to continue to see her progress!

Not a ton else is happening things are really starting to roll in the area though so that is great life is good I love being a missionary and helping people feel the love of their savior and the joy of the gospel! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
I look really funny in this picture but this is from the VC with Gina and sister winegar!


Hey family!So we got to go to the temple today is why our P day was moved, we get to go once every 2 transfers and that day becomes are P day. It was awesome this morning though to be able to go to the temple, we only live like 25 min away so that’s nice wasn’t as far as some of my other areas.

This week has been a pretty good week. we are still meeting with Gina and Stevie a lot. The best part of the week was Stevie finally accepted a baptismal invitation to be baptized on February 18th and he already started inviting some of the ward members it was great! but then he didn’t show up to church and told us the February 18th wasn’t gonna work and we aren’t meeting with him till tomorrow so we aren’t exactly sure what’s going on. So hopefully we can get some issues resolved so we will see.

Gina is doing well but she also bailed on Sunday and we don’t really know why she didn’t text us back for like 2 days then finally she did and said she would be gone all this week and we set something up for next week. So this week was a little bit of a roller coaster but hopefully it will all turn out good.

We did a lot of tracking and finding this week so that was good nothing great though. Oh this week we had a mission broadcast from salt lake and they made a few small changes to our schedule so that was kinda exciting. We now plan in the morning instead of night and do comp study whenever we have a free half hour or hour to fill. They also changed it so they now don’t track the number of lessons taught. They only track New investigators, church attendance, and baptisms. Some small changes but some excitement. Not a ton else is going on.

I know that’s this church is the true and restored church of Jesus Christ and that we are lead by a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that we can come closer to our savior by reading it and abiding by its precepts then anything else is this world. I know that we have a Heavenly Father that knows and loves us. I love you guys and hope you have a great week.

QO to go

It’s been a long stressful week but a good one. Things are goingpretty good here we had 3 investigators at church which was huge.

Gina, Stevie and Anna. Gina is the most promising she’s super cool. Stevie is awesome too. Anne came here from Cameroon so her English isn’t the best so we might turn her over to the French program. They all seemed to enjoy church and we are meeting with them again this week. It’s kinda funny though because all 3 of them are black and are ward only has like 2 black People. Black People are just way more accepting. We did a ton of finding this week a ton we knocked so many doors but felt good when we had 3 people at church.

So we found Gina on Tuesday had a good lesson then on Saturday sister Winegar went with us to a lesson and she’s super awesome awesome family but anyways super good lesson then we got a referral from Anne she order a bible online so we got her house after with sister winegar and not as great lesson but good. Then a miracle happens so this may sound small or just a coincidence but it was a big blessing to me. So that’s morning I had been talking about how mom used to make sandwiches on Sunday with pesto and that I really came to like pesto I had never really even thought of that till that morning. Then we have these super awesome lessons with sister Winegar and she invites us over for dinner and Gina guess what she makes grilled cheese with pesto and ham. It may seem small but it was just such a moment of I have a Heavenly Father that knows me. It was just such a great day after a tuff week. Sometimes you just got to celebrate the small victories and this week it was a pesto and ham grilled cheese.
Things have been okay with Elder Guymon. So far the area has been good to defiantly different and the people don’t seem to be as nice here we defiantly have taught way less then I’m used to so that’s been tuff but hopefully we can keep picking things up. It’s been weird to have a car I don’t really like it but at the same time it’s nice Overall life is good! That’s area is good really spread out and some really nice house and a lot of nice apartment buildings and few not that nice ones. A lot of tress and and deer it’s a good place. Well I love all of you and I know you have a loving Heavenly Father that loves each one of you and personal and knows your struggles and is always waiting to help you we just need to reach out to him. I love you all and hope you have a good week!