Say it aint so

Hey fam! I can’t believe this is the last time I’ll be writing! It’s been a wonderful week! I really focused on not allowing my self to slow down at all and we saw a lot of cool miracles because of it!

The first was it was a beautiful week the weather was great I’ve noticed missionary work is a lot more enjoyable when it’s not freezing cold outside so that was a great blessing that it was so nice this week! We did a lot of finding a lot of contacting a lot of tracting. We knocked into this really cool family we didn’t actually catch their last name but the mom was ivory and her two sons DeAndre and  Melo  she was super sweet she invited us in and we were able to teach her the restoration and she was just so excited to hear about the Book of Mormon and even asked if we could start reading it right then together she’s now already into 2nd nephi we met her on Tuesday! She came to church and enjoyed the kids not as much just because we don’t have much youth but hopefully they will start to like it more. Ivory was definitely the best find of the week!

Also after like 3 weeks we were finally able to get back into Yvette’s house and teach her a lesson her daughter has been really sick so that’s been tough on her but she’s doing well was excited to meet with us and came to church for the first time in awhile she even took Uber to come so that was sweet. When I told her I was leaving on Sunday she just hugged me and told me I couldn’t go so that was sweet I’ll it’s her I really hope she continues to progress in the gospel and gets baptized!

The big let down of the week was Nyla so we already pushed back her baptism one week and we were all set for this Saturday things were looking good we had the program made talks assigned but we then find out on Thursday that Her cousins and sister Brinkley wouldn’t be able to come and she really wanted them to be there so we had to push the baptism back to February 17th just so everyone would be able to come. I know she will still get baptized but it was sad not to be here for it. But Nyla is awesome and I know she will continue to do great things!

Sunday was really cool because the first 2 people I baptized on my mission both came to church over the last 5 weeks they had both only been like 2 weeks each bit never at the same time so it was super cool to see them both there! Overall it was a really great week!

Well this is it! I can’t believe my mission is coming to an end it’s been an amazing experience and some of the hardest and best 2 years of my life. I’ve been able to meet and love so many amazing people that will be friends for the rest of my life. I’m thankful for the impact they have had on me, I have grown and changed in so many ways and I’m excited to continue to grow and change to become more Christlike and do someday live with my Heavenly Father. I’m so thankful for all of you and your support and love. I’m so so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and that he Atoned for me. I know our Savior lives I know the Book of Mormon is the word of god and will bring us closer to our Savior than any other book. I know the Jesus Christs gospel is once again on the earth and is lead by a true and living prophet President Russel M. Nelson and he holds the priesthood authority of God I know that following his counsel will only bring us joy. I love you all and can’t wait to see you guys!



Hey fam, This email won’t be too king it was a pretty rough week for me. Last Monday I hurt my ankle pretty bad so the week was not as productive as I would have liked. It’s doing better now but still not moving super well. Then to make things even worse on starting Friday night and on Saturday and Sunday I got really sick couldn’t keep down any food had the worst diarrhea and a fever and was just miserable. Today I am doing better, was able to eat a little bit and not feeling as out of it so that’s great. I slept a ton! I think on Sunday I slept for like 20 hours. I was pretty sad just because I was trying to get a lot done these last couple weeks so it was a pretty sucky chain of events. 

We were able to get some good stuff going this week, we met with Nyla she is doing awesome and is all set to be baptized this Saturday! She’s so awesome! Her mom is starting to like the church more and more she even agreed to come to church she came this last Sunday but I wasn’t there :(. That’s definitely been a miracle though just to watch as her perception of us and the church changed so much. In our Last lesson, we talked a lot about the word of wisdom and the spirit was super strong and she definitely felt that and agreed to make some changes in her life. It was awesome! The sad news is the Brinkley (her sister’s fam) are moving to Maryland. 

We were also able to connect again with Erica this week she had a lot of potentials and was super interested and then just disappeared her phone was turned off so we couldn’t call or text. She’s dealing with a lot and is working a ton so getting a hold of her was just a nightmare. But when we did finally track her down she was in tears with excitement to see us. That was super cool. Especially because that took a lot of walking and my ankle was hurting, I was just really mad and frustrated and didn’t have a great attitude. But when we were successful in connecting with her and seeing how happy she was to see us and how much interest she expressed in the church and how much she is still reading and praying and wants to be baptized! So that was an awesome experience! I love you all and am excited to see you guys! 



Hey Everyone! This week has been a really good one! We get a lot keeping us busy, that’s been great to be out doing so much! This week was crazy with weather freezing cold a couple of days and super hot that others it got up to like 68 and was way humid and the next was like 23. The weather here is wild!

We had some good finding this week, we found this girl named Dre who is super cool she’s really excited to come closer to her savior! She called us to cancel and move an appointment and hear that’s super impressive and a pretty big deal that she was commuted enough to call and move an appointment hahaha she has promise. We were able to meet with her twice this week and the second time she brought her two friends that were also pretty interested. We actually met Dre on the bus it was really packed and I sat next to her and she actually talked to me first kinda surprised a white kid was on her bus. She came to church on Sunday and is planning on being baptized February 10th! She’s super awesome I’m excited about her!

Nyla is doing great and her Mom is starting to really like us a lot she even came and played basketball on Saturday with us and we played some 2v2 me and her vs bro and sis Brinkley (sis Brinkley is her sister) anyways we dominated and I feel like I am way closer to her now so that was cool. She still isn’t down for church but I think she will come around with time Nyla is still feeling good about being baptized the 27th! Nyla says the most amazing prayers they are so sweet and simple and genuine. I know our Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them!

Funny story of the week! So here Elder fuller and I walking along and we have been walking for a long time and we are cold we were not as prepped for the cold because of the day previous we got roasted by the humidity. We are freezing and we see this bus coming around and elder fuller is like dude let’s get on the bus and I’m like yeah dude let’s take the bus, we are pretty far from the stop so it’s one of those situations where it’s you vs the bus and it’s a race to get to the stop first. I take off running for the bus we have to cross a pretty busy road there a metal gate like thing we have to jump and I’m in full sprint and I go to jump and wake I smash my knee on the fence and just drop and everyone on the bus is watching and laughing I didn’t beat the bus but he stopped and waited as I hobbled to the stop than everyone on the bus was laughing at me haha. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson

So Cold

Hey Fam! Special shout out to Spencer for his birthday! And Dani and mom for one coming up! This week has been a good one but a very very cold one! It’s been tuff to do a lot people here really shut down in the cold. Like no one was outside and nobody wanted to stop and talk or open their door. Soon the finding front not a lot of success. A lot of the days I was wearing almost everything I own haha and had hand warmers tucked everywhere but this week it should be a lot warmer!

On the investigator front, we have a much better week! We are working with this 24-year-old girl named Erica who we found my first week in the area we actually walked right past her on a way to an appointment and I felt we should talk to her so when the appointment fell through we went back to the bus stop she was waiting at and her bus hadn’t come yet thankfully so we talked to her and she is just awesome one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met! She has a super cute daughter also that is a lot of fun to play with at church. She has come to church the last two weeks and loved it and will hopefully be baptized January 28th! She has a few wow issues please pray for her that she will get over them and continue to progress!
We also have been working with Nila! She’s probably one of the most mature and smartest 13-year-old girls I have ever met. She is the niece of a family in our ward the Brinkleys, they were baptized 3 years ago. We have been trying to get her mom to get around but that’s just been a letdown. She was planning on getting baptized January 21st but that’s stake conference so she will probably also be on the 28th.

We have also had a few really cool meals with members, our ward covers se dc which has jab which is a military base so we have a few military members in our ward. 2 3 star generals have moved in since I was here last and both had us over for dinner on the base. One of the couples is like straight Mr. and Mrs. Smith haha. They are older now so she is retired but she used to have top secret cleanse and worked for the state department and had a lot of cool stories and has lived like everywhere and he used to be a navy seal and now he is a professor as the national war college which is pretty impressive but he had some crazy stories also. We also ate at the other generals house but he didn’t talk too much about his career he works at the Pentagon now. They are super awesome brother Harris the ex-seal came out with us on Saturday that was a lot of fun! I love you all I know the Book of Mormon is the word of god and Joseph Smith was a prophet and we are lead by a prophet today. Have a great week! Love Elder Davidson

Whats Good in the Hood Round 3

Hey Everyone! So I was transferred back to Anacostia south! The same area I was in before but not the ward is covered by just two sets of missionaries so the area is a little bit bigger. It has been really cool to come back and see everyone and everything! A lot has changed since I left most things are pretty different a lot of new faces and a few old ones it’s been awesome!

My new Comp is Elder Fuller he’s a great guy from a small town in Utah he’s really cool I am excited about this transfer! It’s been really cold this last week! The bit we had a pretty good week we talked to a lot of awesome people and we are teaching some awesome people! I spend too much on this email because I will talk to you guys next week!!! It’s crazy how soon Christmas came! I feel like it was just last Christmas! I was thinking of calling either 12 or 6 my time so 9am or 3pm your time let me know what works best I can also do later or earlier then those times if needed. Well, I love you all and hope you have an awesome week leading about to Christmas and I am excited to talk to you guys! Have an awesome week! Love Elder Davidson

Cold Nose Cold Toes

Hey fam! This week has been a pretty good one! Transfers are this Wednesday I will find out if I am staying or leaving tonight! I am pretty sure I will leave but ya never know. This is my comps last week so he picked it up a little but also we visited a few people he wanted to say bye too and we had served in a few of the same wards so I got to see some people I knew as well so that was fun. 

It has gotten really cold here this last week we had our first snow on Saturday that was pretty exciting we actually got quite a bit, we even made a small snowman and had a snowball fight with the some of the kids that live in the apartment complex. 

We are still working with Peter I think I talked about him before he’s super cool guy, he’s really energetic so that’s been to teach him just because how engaged he is. He has really grown on the Book of Mormon so that’s been awesome to watch. At first, he really didn’t understand how important it is and why it’s so necessary but I think we have cleaned that up pretty good. He came to church this last Sunday and is on date to be baptized the 30th Which would be really cool to have a baptism for my birthday! plus then I could have chipotle on my birthday haha. 

Not much else is going on. We did a good amount of tracting this week it’s been harder since it’s been getting dark way earlier and people answer the doorway less when it’s dark and they are just much angrier. We knocked one door at like 7 and this dude came out and when crazy and Elder Norris told him to chill out and he didn’t like that much so he started to come at us we tried to fight but we just got out of there it was pretty funny definitely a highlight of the week hahaha. 

Oh, also we have been doing the light the world thing a lot trying to do service every day and invite investors and members to do it with us. That has been pretty successful and a lot of fun! We were also able to go to the temple visitors center with Peter this week they do the Christmas light and a little show thing. It was really nice I wish we got pics ): next time I am at the temple I will for sure! Well, that’s pretty much it for this week! I love you guys and hope you have a great week! image2.jpegThis is our homie Maybel. She feeds us the craziest stuff!


God Bless America

Hey everyone! These last two weeks have been pretty good weeks. Last week we had elder Ringwood come to the mission and he did a little conference about being better teachers and introduces some changes to missionary work they wrote the 13th chapter for pmg so that’s pretty exciting he mainly talked about that nothing super groundbreaking. But it was really good I feel pretty fired up! 

The work is going well we find this guy named Peter he’s a nice guy and he has a wide and 2 kids they are all awesome he’s the first white middle-class family that I have like seriously taught so that’s pretty wild. They came to church on Sunday and seemed to really like it so hopefully, things continue to go well. It was such a miracle to find Peter his wife’s name is Danielle which is kinda funny. We found the family on Thanksgiving we were out tracking and we were pretty over it like nobody was answering there door but we kept going and boom we found gold! So that made our day! 

Thanksgiving dinner was good we had If African style so that was interesting but I’m pretty confident I’ll never really need to eat African food post-mission. I feel bad for Steven that’s all he eats haha. 

The emotional part of the week was with Remi he’s such a great guy and he came clean and told us that he is actually here illegally and he’s visas expired and he doesn’t want to go back he wants more than anything to bring his family over for a better life and he is working so had to try and stay. It was a good reminder to me how lucky I was to be born in this great nation and it’s so sad to see people disrespect such a great country and also see people crying and willing to do anything to be able to stay. During this Thanksgiving time, I am grateful to be an American citizen! Well, I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson