Off we go

Hey family!
So this week has definitely been different defiantly one of my harder weeks. So on Monday night we got call outs and I was told I was leaving Brooklyn and going to quince orchard is pretty much Germantown and Gaithersburg with Elder guymon and again would be white washing the area meaning two new elders in the area. Tuesday I spent most the day saying bye to people I was really sad to leave I am really gonna miss kahlil and mama Wanda and lost of people there so that was tuff I really loved Brooklyn. Wednesday was transfers so we went up to the church by the temple and I met up with Elder guymon and we headed to quince orchard. It’s a way normal place definitely much less exciting then my last areas it feels pretty wealthy compared to other places but it’s pretty middle class. Well we got here and we have like nothing going for us no investigators not much of anything to work with. So the last couple of days we have just been knocking doors like crazy and it’s been freaking cold haha. Not a ton of success but we have a few good leads so hopefully those work out.

The members here are pretty awesome it feels weird and a little awkward to talk to such normal people haha. But it has been nice too. Church was so normal it was weird also the chapel blows my mind here it’s so big it’s been my first building with a gym so that’s cool. The best part of the week was Saturday morning through. Two apostle

Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard came to our mission also with them was 6 members of the area 70. Both mentioned how it’s pretty rare to get two apostle and that many General Authorities so it was pretty special. They were in the area for meetings on cap hill. But it was so awesome to hear from them all Elder Rasband was such a good speaker I mean they all were great but I enjoyed his time most. Something that Elder Ballard said that I liked was “I have never accomplished anything in my life that I didn’t set a goal to accomplish it” so I have really been focusing on setting good goals. It was just what I needed at the time. I know that we have a Heavenly Father that knows us and cares about us on such a personal level. It was just so awesome and the spirt was so strong it was a wonderful meeting and awesome to get to shake the hand of one of the lords apostles.

That was for the most part my week! Definitely some big changes but it will be exciting and a great experience! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!


Last week in Brooklyn

Hey Family this week Has been a pretty amazing week a lot of super cool things are in action. Well this week was freezing like it snowed a pretty good amount and was all around freezing hahah. Time is just flyn by though i cant belive that i have already been here 3 transfers. So Alexis who ii think i talked about a little last week is doing so awesome we had a meeting with her and she came with a notebook full of questions and notes she had written down while reading it was just awesome. also this was her second week coming to church and she like read all of the lessons and stuff like before church so she was super prepared for church then after church we talked with her about baptism and she broke down in tears and was so happy and said she has been feeling so amazing since she has been praying and reading and coming to church she is really excited to get baptized the first week in march. i am really sad i wont be here for it. Its so amazing to see how the lord works we met Alexis my first p day here and she kinda dropped us but we kept stopping by just to tell her we were here and she now 4 months later is really really progressing. Shes only 19 too. she doesn’t know it yet but she may serve a mission in a year haha. 

Also the last 2 weeks have been some of the funniest church meeting i have gone to this week was fast Sunday and brooklyn knows how to get the people going hahah i really love this branch and am going to be sad to leave it. 

 Transfer call outs are tonight so i dont know where i am going yet so i will let you know next week. 

not a ton else is happening. oh crazy story of the week so we were inside teaching a lesson and we hear some yelling and stuff outside so we went and looked and there was this car chase and they were like driving feet away from the buildings and it was crazy one guy drove like up this grass hill it was a crazy car chase. then the one guy gets trapped so he jumps out and runs i dont know what happened to him. What happened is one guy stole the other guys car and so the guy hoped in his other car and chased him down it was way crazy and pretty exciting. 

overall its been a good week i love you all i hope you all have great weeks!

Love Elder Davidson

Happy new year!

Hey Fam!
It was awesome to get to talk to you all on Christmas it was a really good last week, thank you all for the happy birthday wishes! 
Well not a ton has happened these last weeks. We had a couple of good meetings with kahlil he’s still doing well. and we picked up a new investigator named Chris this week so that was cool we were tracking in some apartments and he actually let us in and we have had two pretty good lessons with him and he is pretty excited to have a church and come closer to the savior. Something else really cool this last week was this girl Alexis we had met my very first week in the area who had dropped us text us this week and said that she wanted to come to church so that was really cool. She enjoyed church even though it was one of our weirder sacrament meetings. Mama Wanda spoke and she was yelling and asking for amen’s and it was funny our branch is so weird haha. Alexis still liked church so that was good. Sad news though is mama Wanda is moving and she is one of my favorite members the kleces are moving too so two of some of the funniest people from our branch our leaving so that kind of stinks. On my birthday we had interviews with President Johnson in Annapolis that was really good. President Johnson is a really funny cool guy. Since I was the last interview afterward we played a 3v3 with president so it was good. Not much else happened this week I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Elder Davidson 


Hey fam and friends! 
These last 2 weeks have flown by and been pretty good also very cold haha. Winter is definitely coming. 2 weeks ago transfers came and went me and elder Criddle both stayed so we will be doing 3 transfers together which Is defiantly kinda long. I was surprised but I am excited to spend another one here. 
Well we have been working a lot with the same people. Including Tyler he was planning on getting baptized December 23rd but unfortunately he back tracked a little so that was unfortunate he may have to postpone his baptism. We are also still working with kahlil he’s a super cool funny guy I love him and his family. He is doing better than his girlfriend Mariah she’s not wanting change as much so that has been a struggle. It’s been awesome to see kahlil but the team on his back, he’s been reading every night and praying and coming to church even when it’s just sometimes him. This week though the whole fam came and it was great I love his kids too they are so funny! It’s been so awesome to see the change the gospel has made in his life and growth he’s had. When we first met him he was smoking a lot of pot and cigarettes he hasn’t done either in over 3 weeks. He’s spends almost no time in the streets he’s working to get his ged and get a job. it’s been so cool to just watch his light change over the weeks and months. The gospel really is a blessing that can brings us so much joy and our family a lot of joy. I am really excited for when he gets baptized. He’s on probation still so he can’t get baptized till February but we are excited for that time. 
We also had some really cool experiences finding, the first was with this Egyptian guy named Mike (well that’s his American name) so we had been knocking doors for hours with no success we were feeling pretty down we had knocked over 200 doors and nothing’s hadn’t gotten in a single house. Well mike let’s us in sits us down and we teach him about the restoration and then he just bashes us in all sorts of way and we give him some scriptures back. Anyways the lesson doesn’t not go well at all so it seemed. Well then he invited us to stay for dinner he made us some of Egyptian soup it was actually really good. He then offered us juice boxes and grapes to take home with us. Before we left we bore our testimony of the Book of Mormon one more time and it finally kinda hit him and he committed to read it and at least investigate it. We are going back to his house tomorrow. So hopefully that goes well!  
Another one that was awesome was a lady named vernal, she was the first door we knocked on but the spirt directed us their! We were down the hill ready to start and we looked up and said that’s go up their we started to walk past her door but then got the feeling to turn back and go to her door. She let us is committed to Baptism. Sad news is she ended up not coming to church but hopefully she does next week! 

Well I love all of you and encourage you to not take Christ out of Christmas this year remember the true meaning! #lighttheworld you all should go to and check it out! Have a great week! 
We got to go down to the temple to help tons of people it was cool!

This was last p day this is the edge of our area that’s Downtown Baltimore so close but out of the mission haha. 
Love Elder Davidson

Boy you Geekin’

Hey everyone! Wow this week really flew by I feel like just yesterday was P day! 

This last week definitely had its highs and lows. A guy we have been working with a lot named kahlil came to church this week with his kids for the first time In awhile his gf in in jail but hopefully will be out on the 17th. But it was super awesome to have him at church he really liked it and he wants to be baptized but he’s on parole till February so we gotta wait so that’s a bit of a bummer but it will give him time to grow even stronger in the church! The other great part of the week was Theo he quit smoking and marijuana he hasn’t done either in over a week and half and feels great he was at church and is super excited to be baptized on November 26th so that is way awesome! He’s been coming to church since like the 2nd week we got here and has struggled with the smoking and marijuana but finally got it on lock! We are super excited for him. 

The sad part of the week was loyd, His brother was a inactive member and he was pretty close with cornbread so he knew us pretty well. Loyd was this guy that always rode his bike around the projects and would always stop to talk with us and we even went his house a couple of times and we were working with him to make change we helped him get a job at Taco Bell loyd was our boy he always looked out for us. Unfortunately on Saturday he was shot and killed so that was tuff and it’s been really hard on cornbread who was investigating the church so it’s just been a tuff week with him. Please pray for loyds family. 

A funny sorry from the week haha. So theirs this kinda fat black kid with a really tall flat top he’s super funny and we always call him uce. Anyways he had this huge speaker on wheels he just roles around with and blast music and dances the kid his hilarious like when my Comp told hi, he was from Arizona he goes ” dang man where’s that it sounds like it’s in another galaxy just say it with me A-rizOna” I don’t know maybe you have to meet him but he’s hilarious we talk with him like everyday. But one day he’s blasting some music and challenges me to a dance off lol so he does some moves and I do some moves then a ton of black kids Circle around and I’m white and can’t dance so I just look super stupid and I’m doing my thing and this kid yells “Boy you geekin” and everyone just busts up laughing and like I didn’t even know what that meant it was embarrassing hahaha but fun! 

That was my week it was another week in Brooklyn another week In paradise! I love the mission I love the gospel and the joy it brings. Something I have come to realize is that everything God asks us to do Is out of happiness. He just wants us to be happy! We have a loving Heavenly Father that loves each one us. I love you guys and hope you have great week! 

Love Elder Davidson 

Brooklin’s Back

So this last couple of weeks have been pretty great weeks! The time has flown by! It’s weird how fast weeks go! I’ll just share some highlights from the last couple of weeks. I am really loving the mission and Brooklyn it’s a really interesting place.        So last Tuesday we were tracking and we tracketed into this lady name Jane and guy named Iowa and they are from Africa but have been all over the world and have always been really religious he even went to go to school to be a pastor. So they started their own church kinda thing but like a bunch of people Skype in and a couple of people come to their house and they happen to meet on Tuesday’s so we sat through there church with the yelling the amens and everything it was a very lively church for being half on the internet that first night all we do is I say the closing prayer and everyone is yelling thanks and amens during my prayer lol. But they invited us to teach next Tuesday so this last Tuesday we went and taught like 15 people it was the most exciting lesson i have ever been apart of! Everyone seemed to really love it so that was pretty sweet! 

  This Saturday was Jordan’s baptism and that was super awesome! Our chapel doesn’t have a a baptismal font so we had to go to a different chapel and a lot of our members don’t have cars so that was a struggle but we got some people their so that was great that worked out! But the girl that was supposed to give the talk on the Holy Ghost didn’t show up so his step dad said he wanted to do it. But his step dad is not a member and doesn’t not know how to read to well so we wrote him a talk and he read it and it was just really funny he didn’t know how to say a lot of the words and then sense we had used other parts of previous talks there was a part that said a different persons name and he just read it though so that was kinda a twist. Overall it was great the mission president and his wife even came so that was good they really enjoyed meeting people from our branch. 

Something I have really come to realize on the mission is that god knows best for all of us. Sometimes we get stuck on something or think we have it really hard or something so terrible had happened to us. But you never know if that could have been the best thing that just happened to you in your life. You just gotta have faith in the savior that it will all work out! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Davidson

Charlie Mike

This week has been kinda long week. Two of the days we had meetings all day all the way in Potomac we had to take a train because we don’t have a car and then some other missionaries picked us up from the train station and took so it was like 2 hours of travel each way back to back days. The first day was for specialized training that was for Elder Criddle all new missionaries get like a training that was good but very long. President Johnson is a pretty funny guy he tells a lot of random stories. Then the next day elder Bennett of the 70 came and did a mission wide training. We were there ALL day we left our house at 7 am and got home at 10 pm. It was a super awesome training he mainly came to smooth over the transition between president Cooke and president Johnson. We have another Elder coming from the general authorities coming in December. But I learned a lot from Elder Bennett it was defiantly worth it!
     We have also been working a lot with the Herman family they are a part member family but very less active. She is cornbreads girlfriend but they also have a 14 and a 10 year that live in the house that want to start coming to church! They came to church this week and loved it! Which was awesome! Cornbread is struggling though it’s been a tuff week for him! Also this girl Reeba we are working with got evicted from her house and we lost track of her so that’s way sad! 

   It’s been kinda upsetting week there has been a lot of trials for the people, there is a lot of struggle here! 

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!