Hey everyone!This week was a pretty good week! On Wednesday I got a new companion his name is Elder shank I was pretty sad to lose Elder woodis he was awesome but Elder shank is pretty cool too he’s from Las Vegas so that’s cool. He’s a little bit quieter but super nice kid. I’m excited about this transfer.

We have G on date for the 29th he’s the funniest guy ever he has a pretty big marijuana issue he’s got to get over but he wants it but it’s gonna be hard. He still has a lot of progress to b made so the 29th is a bit of a reach but he wants to work for it so we will see I hope he can do it. He’s missed church this week because his uncle is the hospital. But G is awesome and hilarious I love him.
We are also working a lot with Mai and pollen they are both awesome Mai is pollens daughter and then she has 2 little adorable girls one is 16 months the other 30 so both are super young. They are both super sweet and nice. In our ward since we have so many visitors all the time after each sacrament meeting they have all the visitors stand up and introduce them selfs and say where they are from and stuff and when Mai introduced herself she introduced her self as a member so that was pretty cool after church people came up to us and were really confused but it was cool!
Also this week we did the cherry blossom festival, unfortunately, I don’t have any of the pictures yet I will probably send some next week. So that was super cool we were balloon carries so we were in the parade it was kinda cool to walk down this huge parade in downtown dc waving to everyone. It was a really cool experience!
I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!! Love Elder Davidson


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