Little Rome

This week was a fantastic week!

My mouth felt much much better this week so things were back to

usually so that was wonderful!

Katherine got baptized on Saturday and that was so special and oh my

so many plot twist so follow this. We first meet Katherine like 3

weeks ago and she tells us about this Mormon friend but just a friend

and not that good of friend. Then a week later she was actually he’s

my boyfriend I was just scared to tell you guys haha. Then the

following week on Wednesday she was like I’m getting married on

Thursday and we are like what like tomorrow and she was like yeah.

Hahah we meet him Thursday night nice guy he’s 32 she’s 23 seems fine

though. But the whole picture completes its self at the baptism when

we learn that he has two kids so Katherine is now a step mom. His

whole family came for the baptism and his dad baptized her so it was

plot twist after plot twist but it was a great baptism!

We live like right on catholic university so this week we spent some

time  walking around and talking to people we talked to a ton of

people around there it was pretty interesting I leaned a lot!

We also had some great lessons with G he’s super cool but has a

marijuana issue he wants stop but it’s gonna be hard he grew up

smoking with his mom that’s how they bonded so that’s how current

struggle but he’s super awesome! Really is into helping people’s so

that’s cool!

General conference was really great we watched Saturday morning with

Katherine at the church then they had this like pot luck lunch! That

was good! Then Sunday morning poleena and her daughter may came that

was my favorite session I really loved President Uchtdorfs talk abut

seeing the positive in the world. Then we watched Sunday afternoon

conference at a members house and we had dinner that was really nice!

Overall really great week! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!image1image2


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