Finally Some Snow

So this week was a really really good week! On Tuesday we got a good amount of snow so that was fun it was kinda cold all week the temperature has been crazy here one week it was sunny it hit 80 at one point and this week it snowed and got to the teens haha. We were supposed to have zone conference but canceled it because if the snow. Towards the end of the week, it did start to warm up a little and it’s spring break some places so a bunch of tourists this last week. We moved on Wednesday that was exciting it’s kinda cool we can see the top of the national basilica from outside my window so that’s kinda cool. We are still working a lot with G he’s a super cool dude that just has a desire to help people he’s had a lot of second chances in his life so really feels like it’s his turn to give back. On Saturday morning and he came to that and was really excited to be there and hooked some people with some info of programs and who to call we have a returning member who is homeless and he took big steps in helping him out he’s just a really awesome dude that loves Jesus and believes the best way to serve him in by serving his fellow brothers. The miracle of the week was Katherine on Saturday night we met Katherine the most prepared person for the gospel I ever met she has an incredible story how her life led her up to the church. Durning the first lesson she asked if she had to keep praying to know if the Book of Mormon was true if she already knew it was true. Also, she’s a super smart girl she has her masters for John Hopkins which is a pretty good school. She lives in a way nice apartment in one of the most expensive areas in town. But she’s just super awesome! super prepared! bad news though is she wants to move to Utah in the beginning of April she didn’t even know Utah was the Mormon Capitol haha. She grew up in China has only lived in America for like 4 years. She applied to work at BYU already haha But she really really wants to get baptized before she leaves so we set the date of April 1st and she met with the bishop on Sunday and he’s really excited for her as well. She just loved church loved the spirt she felt and that she was able to learn so much. I have never taught someone with such an ability to just take information in and learn it and understand it. She took 4 pages of notes during our lessons and then more notes during church and had great questions. She’s super awesome!! On Saturday I had the privilege of going to Alexis baptism in Brooklyn Park. That was amazing, she was so excited and so many people came out to support her it was just incredible. The gospel will really change her life forever. We met her my first week in Brooklyn tracting. Afterward, she shared her testimony and thanked Elder Criddle and I repeat it was one of the highlights of my whole mission is seeing the way the gospel has changed her and brought so much happiness to her. I’m so grateful Elder Criddle and I were able to go. I love you all and am so grateful for your support and hope you all can find some something to be grateful for this week! Have a great week!



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