Winter is Coming

These last two weeks have been really good! The weather has been crazy one day it was like 75 the next day it was 25 haha and tomorrow we are supposed to get snow so it’s been pretty up and down for whether I am excited for winter to just be over and spring to come. Last Monday a recent convert took us out to leados pizza he’s a really funny dude his name is Sean and his wife charisma. They are probably the funniest couple I ever met but I love them. We contact a ton in this are there are so many people on the streets it’s crazy we are pretty much at lessons or contacting all of the days. It’s actually been really interesting and a lot of really different people. We found this awesome dude named G and his friend Josh we had an appointment at his house and it was cool he didn’t have any chairs so all just sat cris-cross applesauce in his floor and he asked a lot of good questions. He was in prison Because he killed someone but god lead him out he has a really strong testimony of father. On Sunday we metrod to his house and then metrod and took a bus with him to church. He really enjoyed church our ward does this thing after sacrament meeting was anybody this is visiting stands up and introduces them selfs and he stood up and said he would be back and that he really enjoyed his time at the church. That was exciting! We are also working with this lady Paulina she really a super nice lady she is a catholic and just out of pure niceness let us in then really understood and felt the spirt as we shared the messenger of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and wanted to come to church but this week she was in New York but we are meeting with her tomorrow and she said she would for sure be at church next week with her daughter and 2 grandkids we are really praying the lessons ith her goes well and she continues to feel the spirt. On Friday we had a dinner with a few people In our ward a guy named Caesar, brother and sister seay. Brother seay is the nicest guy ever really awesome man. Also, this lady named Dona Jenkins and Dashay. It was a really nice dinner it was at Caesars houses it was fun I just listen to everyone’s conversations because it was a good mix of really wealthy and really not and just everyone had such different backgrounds of life it was a fun dinner. Also super awesome part of the week was on Saturday I got to go to Stevie’s baptism it was so fun to see him and how excited he was and all of the old ward members it was super great and I am so excited for Stevie! That was my last week! I love you guys and hope you all have great weeks!



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