I just had like the coolest lesson of my whole mission! So I had to tell you all about it. So the church hired Google to do some adds for the church and how they can distribute more Books of Mormon so we get a call for Krisa del todo the head of nonprofit for Google and asks if she can meet with us at the Google campus here in D.C. So the meeting was today at 12 and it was the coolest so we go we sign in getting the badges they give us fancy bottled water then we meet the team of 5 working on this project we do have a fancy lunch then go to a conference  room and we have this meeting and they ask all about how the whole system works now and and who is most receptive and who to target and just all kinda of questions really cool they show us some stuff they are trying to do. Then at the end, we teach them the restoration and they asked a bunch of questions they all took Books of Mormon all of the cards and stuff we had and we have another meeting in 2 weeks with them it was just super cool! They like had talked to church headquarters about having us and stuff way cool experience! There were no good opportunities to take photos but I got this one crapy selfie!



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