The District

Hey Family!

This week has been a exciting week! So last Monday we got call outs

and I got assigned to the Washington DC 3rd south area witch I am

really excited about we cover the national mall and downtown so it’s a

pretty unique opportunity so far it’s been really cool! The ward here

is a pretty exciting very diverse and a huge wealth disparity we got a

lot of big time lawyers and politicians and economists but then we

have a couple of homeless people and and some people in government

housing. So a very diverse ward very exciting place.

So last Tuesday was my last day in QO so I went and said bye to

everyone I was kinda sad to leave we had a lot going in the area so

that was too bad but hopefully I get to go back for the baptisms of

Stevie and Gina.

Well the first week here was good so many people so that has been fun

we contact like 100+ people everyday. A lot of walking it’s nice to be

back on foot and public transportation you see a lot of interesting

things on the metro. We met really cool kid named Troy he’s a G he

came to church on Sunday and it was pretty sweet he had a big gold

necklace with Jesus made of diamonds on it. He’s awesome we may have

to turn him over to the YSA missionaries so we are a little sad about

that but he’s way cool.

Life is going good I love the mission and I love the church and how it

truly is for everyone the gospel is meant to bring joy to your life no

matter who you are or where you came from the gospel will bring joy to

your life! I love you all and hope you have a great week!



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