Hey family! This week was a fantastic week! I am really starting to like the quince orchard area and starting to know the area a little better so that been good! I really love the ward too!

On Thursday we had a lesson with Gina at the Temple Visitors Center and I have always been in area kinda far and taught people without cars so this was my first lesson ever in the VC and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and it really helped Gina have a deeper understanding of the church and that baptism is just the first step but very important step to living with her heavenly father again. She also got to watch the Joseph Smith video it was just all around great and at the end, she committed to being baptized March 11th!

Stevie is also doing really well we met with him a couple of times this week and he’s really excited for his baptism on March 4th! I love Stevie he’s such a funny great guy I am really excited for him! Also last week we found a lady name Janet and he son mecca, they have recently been going through some really hard times Mecca has had a lot of medical issues. But she was super open to gods love and the church and she has now come to church two weeks now in a row and is doing great so we are excited to continue to see her progress!

Not a ton else is happening things are really starting to roll in the area though so that is great life is good I love being a missionary and helping people feel the love of their savior and the joy of the gospel! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
I look really funny in this picture but this is from the VC with Gina and sister Winegar!


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