QO to go

It’s been a long stressful week but a good one. Things are going pretty good here we had 3 investigators at church which was huge. Gina, Stevie, and Anna. Gina is the most promising she’s super cool. Stevie is awesome too. Anne came here from Cameroon so her English isn’t the best so we might turn her over to the French program. They all seemed to enjoy church and we are meeting with them again this week. It’s kinda funny though because all 3 of them are black and are ward only has 2 black People. Black People are just way more accepting. We did a ton of finding this week a ton we knocked so many doors but felt good when we had 3 people at church.

So we found Gina on Tuesday had a good lesson then on Saturday sister Winegar went with us to a lesson and she’s super awesome family but anyways super good lesson then we got a referral from Anne she order a bible online so we got her house after with sister winegar and not as great lesson but good. Then a miracle happens so this may sound small or just a coincidence but it was a big blessing to me. So that’s morning I had been talking about how mom used to make sandwiches on Sunday with pesto and that I really came to like pesto I had never really even thought of that till that morning. Then we have these super awesome lessons with sister Winegar and she invites us over for dinner and Gina guesses what she makes grilled cheese with pesto and ham. It may seem small but it was just such a moment of I have a Heavenly Father that knows me. It was just such a great day after a tuff week. Sometimes you just got to celebrate the small victories and this week it was a pesto and ham grilled cheese.
Things have been okay with Elder Guymon. So far the area has been good to defiantly different and the people don’t seem to be as nice here we defiantly have taught way less then I’m used to so that’s been tuff but hopefully we can keep picking things up. It’s been weird to have a car I don’t really like it but at the same time it’s nice Overall life is good! That’s area is good really spread out and some really nice house and a lot of nice apartment buildings and few not that nice ones. A lot of trees an deer it’s a good place. Well I love all of you and I know you have a loving Heavenly Father that loves each one of you and personal and knows your struggles and is always waiting to help you we just need to reach out to him. I love you all and hope you have a good week!


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