Off we go

Hey family! So this week has definitely been different defiantly one of my harder weeks. So on Monday night we got call outs and I was told I was leaving Brooklyn and going to quince orchard is pretty much Germantown and Gaithersburg with Elder Guymon and again would be whitewashing the area meaning two new elders in the area. Tuesday I spent most the day saying bye to people I was really sad to leave I am really gonna miss Kahlil and mama Wanda and lost of people there so that was tough I really loved Brooklyn. Wednesday was transferred so we went up to the church to the temple and I met up with ElGuymonymon and we headed to quince orchard. It’s a way normal place definitely much less exciting than my last areas it feels pretty wealthy compared to other places but it’s pretty middle class. Well, we got here and we have like nothing going for us no investigators not much of anything to work with. So the last couple of days we have just been knocking doors like crazy and it’s been freaking cold haha. Not a ton of success but we have a few good leads so hopefully that workouts.

The members here are pretty awesome it feels weird and a little awkward to talk to such normal people haha. But it has been nice too. Church was so normal it was weird also the chapel blows my mind here it’s so big it’s been my first building with a gym so that’s cool. The best part of the week was Saturday morning through. Two apostles Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard came to our mission also with them were 6 members of area 70. Both mentioned how it’s pretty rare to get two apostles and that many General Authorities so it was pretty special. They were in the area for meetings on cap hill. But it was so awesome to hear from them all Elder Rasband was such a good speaker I mean they all were great but I enjoyed his time most. Something that Elder Ballard said that I liked was “I have never accomplished anything in my life that I didn’t set a goal to accomplish it” so I have really been focusing on setting good goals. It was just what I needed at the time. I know that we have a Heavenly Father that knows us and cares about us on such a personal level. It was just so awesome and the spirit was so strong it was a wonderful meeting and awesome to get to shake the hand of one of the lord’s apostles.

That was, for the most part, my week! Definitely, some big changes but it will be exciting and a great experience! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!


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