Last week in Brooklyn

Hey, Family, this week Has been a pretty amazing week a lot of super cool things are in action. Well, this week was freezing like it snowed a pretty good amount and was all around freezing hahah. Time is just flying by though I can’t believe that I have already been here 3 transfers. So Alexis who ii think I talked about a little last week is doing so awesome we had a meeting with her and she came with a notebook full of questions and notes she had written down while reading it was just awesome. also this was her second week coming to church and she like read all of the lessons and stuff like before church so she was super prepared for church then after church we talked with her about baptism and she broke down in tears and was so happy and said she has been feeling so amazing since she has been praying and reading and coming to church she is really excited to get baptized the first week in March. I am really sad I won’t be here for it. It’s so amazing to see how the lord works we met Alexis my first p day here and she kinda dropped us but we kept stopping by just to tell her we were here and she now 4 months later is really really progressing. Shes only 19 too. she doesn’t know it yet but she may serve a mission in a year haha. Also, the last 2 weeks have been some of the funniest church meetings I have gone to this week was fast Sunday and Brooklyn knows how to get the people going hahah I really love this branch and am going to be sad to leave it.

Transfer call outs are tonight so I don’t know where I am going yet so I will let you know next week. not a ton else is happening. oh crazy story of the week so we were inside teaching a lesson and we hear some yelling and stuff outside so we went and looked and there was this car chase and they were like driving feet away from the buildings and it was crazy one guy drove like up this grass hill it was a crazy car chase. then the one guy gets trapped so he jumps out and runs I don’t know what happened to him. What happened is one guy stole the other guys’ car and so the guy hoped in his other car and chased him down it was way crazy and pretty exciting. overall it has been a good week I love you all I hope you all have great weeks! Love Elder Davidson


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