Happy New Year

Hey Fam! It was awesome to get to talk to you all on Christmas it was a really good last week, thank you all for the happy birthday wishes! Well not a ton has happened these last weeks. We had a couple of good meetings with kahlil he’s still doing well. and we picked up a new investigator named Chris this week so that was cool we were tracking in some apartments and he actually let us in and we have had two pretty good lessons with him and he is pretty excited to have a church and come closer to the savior. Something else really cool this last week was this girl Alexis we had met my very first week in the area who had dropped us text us this week and said that she wanted to come to church so that was really cool. She enjoyed church even though it was one of our weirder sacrament meetings. Mama Wanda spoke and she was yelling and asking for amen’s and it was funny our branch is so weird haha. Alexis still liked church so that was good. Sad news though is mama Wanda is moving and she is one of my favorite members the kleces are moving too so two of some of the funniest people from our branch our leaving so that kind of stinks. On my birthday we had interviews with President Johnson in Annapolis that was really good. President Johnson is a really funny cool guy. Since I was the last interview afterward we played a 3v3 with president so it was good. Not much else happened this week I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Elder Davidson


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