Light the World

Hey fam and friends! These last 2 weeks have flown by and been pretty good also very cold haha. Winter is definitely coming. 2 weeks ago transfers came and went me and elder Criddle both stayed so we will be doing 3 transfers together which Is defiantly kinda long. I was surprised but I am excited to spend another one here.
Well we have been working a lot with the same people. Including Tyler he was planning on getting baptized December 23rd but unfortunately, he backtracked a little so that was unfortunate he may have to postpone his baptism. We are also still working with kahlil he’s a super cool funny guy I love him and his family. He is doing better than his girlfriend Mariah she’s not wanting change as much so that has been a struggle. It’s been awesome to see kahlil but the team on his back, he’s been reading every night and praying and coming to church even when it’s just sometimes him. This week through the whole fam came and it was great I love his kids too they are so funny! It’s been so awesome to see the change the gospel has made in his life and growth he’s had. When we first met him he was smoking a lot of pot and cigarettes he hasn’t done either in over 3 weeks. He’s spent almost no time in the streets he’s working to get his GED and get a job. it’s been so cool to just watch his light change over the weeks and months. The gospel really is a blessing that can bring us so much joy and our family a lot of joy. I am really excited for when he gets baptized. He’s on probation still so he can’t get baptized until February but we are excited for that time.
We also had some really cool experiences finding, the first was with this Egyptian guy named Mike (well that’s his American name) so we had been knocking doors for hours with no success we were feeling pretty down we had knocked over 200 doors and nothing’s hadn’t gotten in a single house. Well mike lets us in sits us down and we teach him about the restoration and then he just bashes us in all sorts of way and we give him some scriptures back. Anyways the lesson doesn’t go well at all so it seemed. Well then he invited us to stay for dinner he made us some of the Egyptian soup it was actually really good. He then offered us juice boxes and grapes to take home with us. Before we left we bore our testimony of the Book of Mormon one more time and it finally kinda hit him and he committed to reading it and at least investigate it. We are going back to his house tomorrow. So hopefully that goes well!
Another one that was awesome was a lady named vernal, she was the first door we knocked on but the spirit directed us there! We were down the hill ready to start and we looked up and said that goes up there we started to walk past her door but then got the feeling to turn back and go to her door. She let us is committed to Baptism. The sad news is she ended up not coming to church but hopefully, she does next week! Well I love all of you and encourage you to not take Christ out of Christmas this year remember the true meaning! #lighttheworld you all should go to and check it out! Have a great week!
We got to go down to the temple to help tons of people it was cool!

This was last p day this is the edge of our area that’s Downtown Baltimore so close but out of the mission haha.
Love Elder Davidson


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