Boy you Geekin

image1Hey everyone! Wow, this week really flew by I feel like just yesterday was P day! This last week definitely had its highs and lows. A guy we have been working with a lot named kahlil came to church this week with his kids for the first time In awhile his gf in in jail but hopefully will be out on the 17th. But it was super awesome to have him at church he really liked it and he wants to be baptized but he’s on parole till February so we gotta wait so that’s a bit of a bummer but it will give him time to grow even stronger in the church! The other great part of the week was Theo he quit smoking and marijuana he hasn’t done either in over a week and a half and feels great he was at church and is super excited to be baptized on November 26th so that is way awesome! He’s been coming to church since like the 2nd week we got here and has struggled with the smoking and marijuana but finally got it on lock! We are super excited for him.

The sad part of the week was loyd, His brother was a inactive member and he was pretty close with cornbread so he knew us pretty well. Loyd was this guy that always rode his bike around the projects and would always stop to talk with us and we even went his house a couple of times and we were working with him to make change we helped him get a job at Taco Bell loyd was our boy he always looked out for us. Unfortunately on Saturday he was shot and killed so that was tuff and it’s been really hard on cornbread who was investigating the church so it’s just been a tuff week with him. Please pray for loyds family.

A funny sorry from the week haha. So theirs this kinda fat black kid with a really tall flat top he’s super funny and we always call him uce. Anyways he had this huge speaker on wheels he just roles around with and blast music and dances the kid his hilarious like when my Comp told hi, he was from Arizona he goes ” dang man where’s that it sounds like it’s in another galaxy just say it with me A-rizOna” I don’t know maybe you have to meet him but he’s hilarious we talk with him like everyday. But one day he’s blasting some music and challenges me to a dance off lol so he does some moves and I do some moves then a ton of black kids Circle around and I’m white and can’t dance so I just look super stupid and I’m doing my thing and this kid yells “Boy you geekin” and everyone just busts up laughing and like I didn’t even know what that meant it was embarrassing hahaha but fun!

That was my week it was another week in Brooklyn another week In paradise! I love the mission I love the gospel and the joy it brings. Something I have come to realize is that everything God asks us to do Is out of happiness. He just wants us to be happy! We have a loving Heavenly Father that loves each one us. I love you guys and hope you have great week! Love Elder Davidson


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