Brooklin is Back

So this last couple of weeks have been pretty great weeks! The time has flown by! It’s weird how fast weeks go! I’ll just share some highlights from the last couple of weeks. I am really loving the mission and Brooklyn it’s a really interesting place.        So last Tuesday we were tracking and we tracted into this lady name Jane and guy named Iowa and they are from Africa but have been all over the world and have always been really religious he even went to go to school to be a pastor. So they started their own church kinda thing but like a bunch of people Skype in and a couple of people come to their house and they happen to meet on Tuesday’s so we sat through there church with the yelling the amens and everything it was a very lively church for being half on the internet that first night all we do is I say the closing prayer and everyone is yelling thanks and amens during my prayer lol. But they invited us to teach next Tuesday so this last Tuesday we went and taught like 15 people it was the most exciting lesson i have ever been a part of! Everyone seemed to really love it so that was pretty sweet!

This Saturday was Jordan’s baptism and that was super awesome! Our chapel doesn’t have a baptismal font so we had to go to a different chapel and a lot of our members don’t have cars so that was a struggle but we got some people their so that was great that worked out! But the girl that was supposed to give the talk on the Holy Ghost didn’t show up so his stepdad said he wanted to do it. But his stepdad is not a member and doesn’t know how to read to well so we wrote him a talk and he read it and it was just really funny he didn’t know how to say a lot of the words and then since we had used other parts of previous talks there was a part that said a different person name and he just read it though so that was kinda a twist. Overall it was great the mission president and his wife even came so that was good they really enjoyed meeting people from our branch.

Something I have really come to realize on the mission is that God knows best for all of us. Sometimes we get stuck on something or think we have it really hard or something so terrible had happened to us. But you never know if that could have been the best thing that just happened to you in your life. You just gotta have faith in the savior that it will all work out! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson


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