October 1

This week has been another good one! Not really a ton happened this week it was a pretty average week. But a good one! We have been working with a lot of the same people, one of those being Theo he’s a 30-year-old guy and he’s awesome! This week he text us saying that while he was reading the Book of Mormon he truly felt the spirit testify that it was true and that he wants to be baptized that was defiantly the highlight of the week but he still has some word of wisdom issues that he has to overcome but he committed to be baptized November 6th. Also this week we started to work with a guy named Marcus he’s actually still a senior in high school and a big raiders fan so it’s been cool to teach him he’s really cool I look forward to getting closer with him. Another awesome part of this week was general conference! It pretty much was all whole weekend but it was way awesome! I hope you guys got a chance to watch it! I really enjoyed Elder Bednars talk and hope he talked about 4 ways to can come closer to Christ! I also really loved president Nielsens talk about finding joy in all circumstances! I recommend definitely watching or listing to general conference and those talks for sure!

Cool story of the week so there is a lot of drug use here specially heroine so we were contacting some people just one of the bigger roads and this guy calls after us saying hey it’s the latter-day saints so we turn towards him and as he approaches us he like starts swaying and like tripping over him self and then he just falls over and like tries to get back up and like it was sad but also kinda funny and crazy. That was pretty much week I love you guys and hope you have a great week. Love Elder Davidson


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