Back at It 

Dear fam and friends!   This week has been another great week! Me and elder Criddle are really starting to flow good and have a pretty good understanding of our area so that’s great! Brooklyn is a pretty exciting place it’s a lot of fun I love it. This week we moved back into our place on Tuesday we had started our beds with bleach well we moved back and it seems that all of the bed bugs are gone so that’s awesome. Bed bugs are a pretty big thing here we moved two beds out of some peoples house and they were just covered in bed bugs and mold it was very gross. It’s crazy the conditions that some people live in.

Our main investigators after 2 weeks is a guy named Theo who came to church this week AMA right after the Sunday school lesson he stood up and said he wanted to be baptized so that was way awesome so hopefully we will be able to continue to work with him to get him to baptism. Another person we have worked a lot with is a guy named cornbread he’s a super funny guy he has a lot of hurdles he has to get over but he really wants to get over them, on Saturday he quit smoking he had been working his way down so hopefully he can stay strong so keep him in your prayers. Also on Saturday was his birthday so he invited us over and a bunch of other people and it was a lot of fun. Those are probably the two that we work with the most.

They don’t have as many courts here but we passed one and I hadn’t got to play pros ball in awhile so we hoped in a game it was way fun I felt like I was back in Anacostia. We made two pretty good friends and we are going to continue to meet with so that was cool. It’s funny how fast word spreads about us here people like recognize us and always know like who we are and stuff so that’s cool.

Church was Good this week only like 40-60 people come each Sunday and there are lots if need, last Sunday I gave a talk and taught gospel class and then this week I taught it again and got to teach primary so that was fun. Church is a pretty interesting here! We have a couple of really great members tho! Not a ton happened this week but it was a great one I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson


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