Ooo that Bites 

Hey family and friends!  This week has been a great one defiantly with an extra amount of learning! This week have definitely started to feel like I am getting the area down better and getting a pretty good general idea where things are around town and understanding my area better so we are actually like 1.7 miles out of our area and most of our work is even further than that so we are actually moving this week or next, but my area is Brooklyn which is south Baltimore a little south-west I never thought I would serve in Baltimore but here I am and it’s pretty awesome!

We so far I feel like have had a lot of success in the area it’s been great the lord has defiantly been blessing us in our efforts! We had 4 investigators at church this week. One was this guy named cornbread he’s a really cool dude I think I talked about him a little last week as well he’s doing good and by next Sunday will have quit smoking and we really got him excited about the scriptures too so that has been awesome! Also we are working with this little girl named Reba she’s only 12 and her mom is member but she is less active so we went to meet with her and her daughter said that she loved Jesus and said she wanted to church so her moms agreed to bring her and Stay at church so that was awesome!

This week has defiantly been an exciting one and also kinda gross haha so a lot of people don’t really take care of there apartments too well here and so a lot of people here have bed bugs and somehow just from being in people’s house we tracked in bed bugs so I have a bunch of bites, so last night we stayed at Elder Mellens and Elder Bentley last night we are moving soon anyways but I’m not really sure what will happen. It took me a couple of days to realize I have bed bugs haha so I have a ton of bites. Another kinda funny but cool experience was the police here on Friday and Saturday night gave us a ride home haha that was kinda fun and way convenient! Life is good I love being a missionary it’s so awesome to see the joy the gospel brings to peoples life’s I know this gospel is a gospel of happiness and God gives us commandments to make us happy! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


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