Good in the Hood Round 2 

Dear family and friends! So this last week has been pretty crazy and pretty exciting! So like I said in my last email I was going to be transferred somewhere new and train a new elder at the same time. Monday evening I found out that I would be opening a new area In Brooklyn which is in Baltimore so I am actually in Baltimore right now! the funny thing is, is that I am in the ghetto of Baltimore I mean the straight hood! This place is pretty similar to Anacostia but it’s more racial diverse but more or less it’s pretty similar but defiantly a much tougher place! So this area has been closed for awhile this is where all those Baltimore riots were and stuff so they had closed down this area for some time. This week I have gotten 3 emails from president changing our area so our boundaries this week have been changed three times. it’s defiantly been a ride this week with a new elder a new area and a empty area book. Our area is pretty small so we don’t have a car and we actually live a mile outside our area and the bus system here is very weak compared to the district so I miss that part about anacostia for sure! So our ward is a branch so we only have about 60 people in our branch, and the branch area wise is actually pretty large so there is another set of missionaries that cover the other half of the branch more like 3/4 of the branch they have been here for awhile now. Anyways one of them is elder Mellen So I am I’m the same ward again so that has been cool!

This week we decided to just meet with all of the active members that live in our area, there is only like 10. But anyways one them is the Harmons a ton of people live In there house and only 2 our members and since missionaries have never really been by in so they were pretty open to leave more. We started teaching this guy named cornbread and the lesson went pretty good, but he smokes and we had another lesson with him yesterday and it went so well the spirt was so strong one of the best lessons that I have ever been part of it was amazing! He committed to quit smoking by September 25th and baptized October 30th. He is sister harmans bf and they live together so we will have to get them married as well but that won’t be as hard. Sister harmen is a smoker as well and she really didn’t want to quit but the spirt was so strong and she just got really emotional and really wants to get married in the temple so that’s the goal is to work on getting her worthy for the temple and him worthy for baptism so it was a pretty solid first week. Funny story this week was we were in the projects and we got spot lighted from a helicopter and yelled at and like my comp was freaking out it was a really funny experience. Also this week was stake conference and so I am in the Annapolis stake so that coach for navy the guy from meet the Mormons is in my stake so it was cool to see him and talk to him for awhile he actually has cousins in Hayward so that was cool! Life has been pretty exciting this last week just trying to get things going and learning the new area and at the same time trying to help my comp adjust to missionary life. But I love the area I Love my companion! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!
Here are some pictures from my last days in Anacostia

This as at stake conference Elder Mellen trained me then I trained elder Criddle so it’s a generational pic



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