Going, Going, Gone 

Hey fam and friends! This week has been a pretty good week and these last couple of week has also been pretty crazy! The transfer ends this Wednesday and Yesterday I found out I will be leaving this transfer and I was told I will be training a new missionary so that is exciting I am excited! I am excited to find out my new area tomorrow I hope it’s a good one I will be whitewashing. So I for sure know I won’t be with Elder Lee next transfer I am sad to lose him we worked great together we had a really good two transfers! This last week was a good last one in Anacostia I am really sad to leave I will definitely miss Anacostia a lot I don’t think anywhere will be as exciting as this place has been!

Well, this last week was good it has started to cool down which is nice it has been way hot here! This week we have been working with Irma and she is a way cool older lady that has had a lot of struggle in her life and in the begging she denied there could be a god and after a week on the lesson we had worked her yesterday she broke into tears and said she knew there was good and she knew she what we were saying was true that she had felt more warmth in her body than she has in a very long time and someone she felt happy even after all her trial. It was as amazing to see the spirt work on her like that. I know that we have a Heavenly Father that knows each one of us personally and loves us and cares about us more than we can understand!
Another amazing miracle was on Friday there was a meeting for trainers but it was all the way up to the temple so we had a long metro ride and then a pretty long walk. But randomly on the metro after we had transferred lines so we were pretty far from anacostia I ran into a lady named Valencia who we had worked with before but she wasn’t progressing and very hard to meet with so we had dropped her like 3 months back, but when she sees us she runs about to us and I didn’t recognize her at first so it was awkward but then it clicked and she told us that she had read from the Book of Mormon that morning and had said a prayer asking for direction in what church she should attend and to help her get to church and so we set an appointment up with her and she wants to be baptized September 25th! So that is way exciting!
That was pretty much my week I know the Lord will bless us as we do what we are asked to do I know he cares about each one of us and answers prayers. I am excited to find out where I will go next! But very sad to leave especially after such a great week! But I know it will be great! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!Love Elder Davidson


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