Mary Ann Baptism

Hey fam and friends!This week has been another great one and a super fast week! Last Monday we just did some shopping and since we were near it we went to the national postal museum haha it was actually pretty cool. This week we worked really hard to find and to reactive, we don’t have a ton of solid investigators. So the relief society role call is 10 pages with 16 people on each page and only about 10 go each week and we got a new relief society president and she wants us to visit all the people and update their records and get them to church so we spent a lot of time going to visit those people which were actually really awesome we got in the door a lot and there was a lot of part member families. We also got 3 sisters to come to church this week so that was super great. On Saturday was Mary Ann’s baptism which was super awesome she really enjoyed it and right after she got baptized her little girl threw her arms in the air and yelled: ” that was awesome!” It was super cute and she described it best it was awesome. It took 5 months but she has grown her testimony so much in that time it’s incredible to see that change in her life. That was pretty much our week I don’t really remember much it all kinds just flew by. Sorry for the short email I love you guys and love hearing from you! Hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson

This is a family in our ward the Brinkleys they are the best! They had all 6 of the missionaries over for her birthday! We had pizza and cake so that was super sweet of her! They have only been members for a little over a year and our probs the best family unit in the ward!


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