The Gospel is True!

Hey fam and friends!This week was a pretty good week! Last Monday we went to the natural history museum that was pretty cool and way interesting. That night we met with Andre we met with him 3 times this week his testimony is really starting to grow and he really wants to to learn more he currently is smoking two packs a day so we have a big push to try and get him to slowly work of his cigarettes and eventually quit. Tina is still doing well she’s even started talking to her family about the church so we had a lesson with her son this week and that was really nice. This week was always pretty popping there was a lot of events at berry farms that we attended on Friday night this did this being thing and one of our neighbors was actually boxing it so that was cool, it was a pretty fun thing and we talked to a lot of people so that was fun. Then Saturday night there was the goodman league finals which is the league Kevin durant played in and a couple of other nba players, the whole thing was sponsored like by Nike so it was like really legit with refs and the guys were really good so that was a lot of fun to go to. On Tuesday we had interviews with president Johnson that was good to get to know him a little better he’s defiantly implementing a lot of changes to the mission all of the them good changes and I’m excited to see the fruit of the changes so that’s exciting! On Sunday after church we went to this lady we found last week names Mary Beth she is awesome she had over on Sunday for dinner she made some really good fried chicken! She has sorta a hard time understanding what made our church so special I mean it’s a question we get all the time, don’t we have one God we are all trying to go the same place so why does it matter which church has it exactly right. Well after talking with Mary Beth we helped her to see the Importance of having the same exact church that Christ established back in the earth. We are so blessed to have prophets that guide us today we are so blessed to have the same priesthood Jesus Christ had on the earth and it really is essential to our salvation! This gospel is true! Mary Ann is getting baptized this Saturday!!! She is getting baptized on Saturday so all her kids can be their so it should be great! Oh a miracle we saw this week was on Saturday it was like 100 degrees way humid and we were dying and we knock on this door and this lady just starts yelling at us cussing at us telling us how horrible we are but after 5 min of yelling she saw we were dripping in sweat she offered us a cold water and it was great! Bless her soul that water was great! Well that was my week I love all of you guys and hope you have a great week! God bless!

Love Elder Davidson


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