My sky is Blue my Grass is Green and this is the Way I Do my Thang

Hey fam!

Well this week has been a  super fast week I feel like it flew by!

This week was a really good one! This week we had a bunch of

appointments with less active families are new mission president is

really urging us to get appointments with less active families and

part member families, and our ward is actually huge we have over 400

members but only like 30-75 show up each Sunday so we have a lot of

less actives. so elder Lee and I decided just to call every single

less active in our area which took a lot of time but it was defiantly

a success we were able to get 11 appointments with less actives which

is really a lot we average  like 2-3 so that was really good. We also

met with Andrethis week he’s pretty soiled but defiantly has his

struggles, its really tuff how many people here can’t read and just

don’t have a good overall intelligence. Don’t do drugs they really do

mess up your brain forever. But anyways we have had to really take the

lessons slow but he’s our best investigator right now. We have also

been trying to find new people and this week we hit three new

investigators hopefully they will be able to progress one of them is a

lady named marry Beth and she is just a super sweet lady that was just

so excited about the Book of Mormon and the need for it really clicked

with her she even offered to have us over for Sunday dinner next week

so that super nice of her. This week has been a fun one, so over the

time here we have gotten pretty close with all the kids that play out

side our house all the time they are supper funny kids and we give

them water and snacks sometimes but anyways so one day we come home

and they were all out side our house dancing and they had all these

songs and had really good dance moves it. It was actually lit. It was

pretty funny I will send a video maybe a couple because it was so

funny. That was defiantly the highlight of the week. This week was

fast Sunday and fast Sunday’s are always good here one of my favorites

was brother mason got up and asked all the missionaries to stand up

and called us one by one and then said “you awesome” then closed and

sat down so that was pretty funny. Also something someone said this

week was about how we aren’t on this earth to coast. We don’t live to

coast. We live to grow and become better that’s the whole point of our

trials our Heavenly Father doesn’t  want us to become complacent he

wants us to continue to grow, that’s our whole purpose of being here

to to prepare to live with our Heavenly Father and really take that

serious. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!



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