Hobo Park

What’s good mo! So this week has been a pretty good week! Things are going good in Anacostia I am pretty happy that I for sure get another 6 weeks here. There was a lot of mixing up this last transfer because of the 40 Baltimore missionaries we got so almost every companionship had a change except ours so that’s exciting me and elder Lee got to stay together with another. I am really starting to feel like I understand the area and the people here pretty well so that has been really good. This week we had a bunch of lessons with new investigators so that was good to finally find some people that seem promising. One of those is this lady named LaMatique she actually lives in a women’s shelter that is out of our area but she spends most of her days in our area and visitors can’t go to the shelter, so we have just been meeting her at the park so that’s been kinda interesting meeting at the park and a bunch of people watching is it has been actually really good for finding but it’s kinda a homeless people park so we mainly talk to homeless. It’s been nicknamed hobo park since like my first week here just because so many people live in the park. It’s kinda crazy how

often we will contact someone and ask for their address and turns out they don’t get one, they’re homeless which is pretty sad and makes its a bit more complicated to teach and they often just fall of the face of the earth but laMatique seems really promising we met with her twice this week and she came to church so that was awesome! We have also continued to work with a guy named Andre he’s doing pretty as well but he smokes so we are working on that now he was also at the church this week so that was great! This Sunday Tina was confirmed a member of the church and I actually did the confirmation so that was exciting it went really well so that was great! This week we played a lot of pros ball and one day after we were talking to some people in the stands and they actually invited us to a bbq next Saturday and they were super nice and said we could come over whenever as long as we kept doing gods work, it was really cool how nice these people were just because we could relate on a Christian level I really love the people here! On Saturday we got to do some service and paint a side of a wall for this family I’m outward the Forces it was really good we

painted stars and mountains I wish we had a pic but after this lady came up to us as and asked us to paint her restaurant and how much it would cost we told her if she had the stuff we could do it for free. Turns out she was a minster for a Pentecostal church was super excited we would do it for free so we swapped info and she also said if we did she would come to our church which would be awesome. Oh I almost forgot this week on Friday we met with this less active dude named Oscar, he’s a really funny he’s got Catholic pictures of Jesus all over and just all kinds of funny stuff he also gave us Jesus hats and pins, then he took us to lunch at this like back alley chicken and waffle place that was super good some of the best fried chicken I have had

that was pretty sweet Oscars a really funny dude! Well that was pretty much my week it’s been awesome to be a part of the work here in Anacostia it is such a great place to be to see the effects of Jesus making our burdens light. I have truly seemed in so many people’s life when they have turned to Jesus Christ they have been able to lighten their burdens through him. It is something I have definitely strived for is using my faith in Christ to lighten my burdens. I love my savior and am so grateful for the comfort he brings me! I love you guys and hope you guys have a great week!




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