Opportunities to Grow

Hey, fam and friends! This week has been a pretty good week, last p day we went and looked at a lot of war memorials and went to the Jefferson then went and walked around the University of Maryland for a little bit, it is pretty awesome to have so many monuments to go look at. It’s a good opportunity to really appreciate how blessed we are to live in The United States of America. Not a ton happened this week but it’s been a really fast week, we played a pretty good amount of street ball and lately, we have been playing at different courts just to get to know different guys around the neighborhood and at one of them we met this guy coach tony he was like a 50 years old and he was out there just yelling at kids what to do and like trying to coach so after we played

I asked him for some pointers and started talking to him and he claims he used to work with KD and some other guys that played college ball. So we played ball with him for awhile and had him coach us and then he

got pretty interested in what we do, we talked to him for almost 2 hours of the gospel and he was super into and really excited to meet us at the courts every Wednesday so that was really good it was cool to see how we were lead to that court that day so we could connect with coach Tony! Tina is doing super well, when we first met her she was smoking two packs a day and now has complete quiet and it’s been over a week since she quit and she can already feel how much better she feels and thinks and she says she is just so much happier. I have learned a lot from Tina about being humbled. Often the Lord gives us trials because he needs us to go in a different direction or there is an important lesson we need to learn, so instead of really getting caught up in why your life is hard just look for opportunities to grow. Tina is getting baptized this week so that is super exciting she is super excited for and it inviting everyone and took the Book of Mormon this week in church to pass out so that is super awesome! Everything is going good I am excited to be out here and excited for this next week! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!


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