Fireworks, Haircuts and a New Mission President

Hey family and friends! So last Monday was 4th of July and it was a really awesome day we did a lot of cool things but unfortunately it was really rainy so like the City didn’t do any fireworks but thankful the people of Anacostia didn’t let me down, it was nuts at home so many people had huge fireworks and we’re just shooting them off right in front or In Between houses and these weren’t small fireworks it was pretty sweet. I think we were the only elders In the mission that actually got to watch a good firework show, the fireworks still haven’t stopped every night this whole week they have been going haha not as crazy as the forth but it’s been pretty good shows all week long. Also on at like 3 we went to this Philippines family’s that’s elder Jenks knows from another ward and they fed us very authentic good and we ate authentic style. They just lay the food all over the table on banana leaves and you just use your hands and grab whatever, even use your hand for rice and noodles it was quite the experience, it was a lot of fun!

Well, this week was a little bit tuff, unfortunately, Mary Ann moved she is no longer in the ward I am really sad about that and hoping her progress can continue. Also, we found this week that Charles who was doing super well and really enjoyed church and was already calling himself Mormon will have a court trial September first and things are not looking good for his case so he will probably be going to jail for 6 months. He really claims he’s is innocent and I believe him but it’s just not stacked his way but maybe he will get off, we will continue to work with him and really have to pray he can overcome this trial. This week we met with him twice and he’s almost been through all the lessons and is really understanding and has already grown a strong testimony in the Book of Mormon, he also came to church this week making it the 4th week in a row and really participated a lot it was great!  I feel like I have really learned a lot about the bible from him so it’s been a really awesome experience to get to be a part of the learning of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The other sad news is Darrel who I have been meeting with since the first day I got here, we found out is in a pretty big pickle and we will not be able to meet with him or make any contact for awhile so that was really hard for me to find out, probably the saddest I have been on my mission.

This week has defiantly been a tuff one, a lot of sad news. But the bright spot of the week is Tina she is super awesome! We have been able to meet with her like 3-4 times each week, she doesn’t have any family here so it has been really cool to see how the gospel has brought so much happiness into her lonely life and how the ward has really reached out to her and befriended her. I am really excited because hopefully this week we will be able to take her to the visitors center and have a lesson there, she is super excited to see the temple, but we are struggling to find a ride since the temple is like 40 min away and we have to go through DC and there is usually traffic. It’s kinda funny because technically the faster way is through Virginia so we always have to get members to go the slower way so we don’t leave the mission.

Another great part of the week is that we got to cut brother Mason’s hair I don’t know if I ever talked about brother Mason but he is this 52-year-old autistic guy that is super awesome, he has the best smile and the best laugh we meet with him every Friday, this Friday we have him a haircut it was pretty awesome, cutting black people hair is defiantly different than cutting while people hair haha it was good though the haircut turned our okay we pretty much just made him bald.

Also on Saturday we had zone conference with the new mission president, so that was good to meet the new president he seems like a really awesome guy, defiantly sound like there will be a bit of change in the mission over these next couple of months. It was funny his wife was mean mugging the whole time but she was super nice when you talked to her. That was pretty much our week defiantly a little bit of a tougher week but still a good week it is a huge blessing to get to spend all day every day teaching people about Jesus Christ and see how happy get when they they hear the good news of Christ we are so blessed by the atonement and what it allows us to overcome and it what it enables us to be I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ that I am able to live with my Heavenly Father again because of him! I love you guys and hope you have a great week!






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