Happy 4th!

Hey family and friends!

Happy 4th of July from the nations capital! God bless America!

I have been looking forward to spending 4th of July here I had heard

it was pretty big here, but yesterday the new president called and

said they we all had to leave the district for 4th of July and it’s a

all day non proselytizing day, so I am a little sad I won’t get to be

in the capital but obviously the president knows best. So we are going

to national harbor today its in southern Maryland, we actually spent

the night here at some other elders house in Maryland, they didn’t

even want us to sleep in the district. Today should be fun tho we are

with quit a few elders. This month our mission added another zone so

we now cover Annapolis zone and they ended up just leaving the

Baltimore missionaries their so all those missionaries just got

reassigned missions that’s crazy. That zone goes all the way up to

Baltimore, so maybe someday I could serve In the Baltimore area our

mission got like 33% bigger we went from 120 missionaries to 160 .

Also this week president Johnson official took over. This last week

has been a pretty good week, on Tuesday we ran into this lady on the

metro named Tina and she was super interested and  we met with her 3

days this week and she was supposed to come to this bbq that the Ward

had in Saturday for the 4th but the lady that was supposed to give her

a ride fell threw and she was a little mad she thought she was gonna

come and then got left but she finally forgave us and came to church

on Sunday and really enjoyed it, it’s been incredible to see how fast

her testimony of the Book of Mormon grew, and how she can already see

the effect on her life! She is excited to be baptized in July 24th so

hopefully that will stick. We have also been working with a guy named

Darrell and it’s been kinda tuff neither of his phones work so we just

have to stop at his house randomly all the time, he’s really excited

about it all but is also really flaky and tuff to work with. Yesterday

we went to pick him up for church with a member and he answered the

door and said he was couldn’t go he’s really off and on again, he

definitely had a testimony the advisory is just pulling him every

which way and making it tuff. We are also working a lot with a guy

named Charles he is a really interesting guy he’s supper cool and he

has such strong faith in Christ it is awesome to have lessons with him

he has come to church twice and has really liked the difference from

his baptist church, he’s really liked how quite our church is and we

probably have one of the most vocal wards during meetings. Oh the

highlight of my week was at the ward bbq they were playing this line

dancing music and so me and elder jenks hope in and so we are just

like dancing with a ton of black people and then after two ladies come

up to us and compliment our dancing hahah so that was a lot of fun. We

have been playing a lot of basketball and just all sorts of sports

with kids on the street this week, there has been a lot more people

out now that’s it’s summer so that has been a lot of fun. This week

has been pretty crazy with gun shots and fire works, like all day

everyday you can hear explosions and shots and see fireworks going up

like all night so that’s been pretty wild the kids here are crazy too

they all shoot fireworks at each other haha so I am excited for this

weekend to be over. Not much else is going on things are good here I

am really enjoying the mission I know it is the place for me to be.

Love Elder Davidson


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