Final Interviews with President Cooke

This week has been a pretty good week, last Monday we went to the air and space museum and that was pretty cool. Today we went to the national mall and met like all the elders in the mission and played football, it was pretty cool to play football in front of all the national monuments. On Tuesday there was this huge lighting storm it was pretty crazy, I had never seen so much lighting strike at once one after another it was also raining pretty hard it rained so much that our metro station closest to us flooded a little bit. It was a pretty exciting day haha. So we are teaching this lady Betty who can’t walk and she lives upstairs so she can’t come to the door, but her Window is open so we have been teaching her lessons through her window, it’s actually pretty funny us trying to shout through the window and saying prayers, with a lot of people staring at us. But she has been progressing and she has read a ton of the book of Mormon so that’s been great. The struggle has been trying to figure out how to get her to church, she will have surgery next week tho and after that hopefully, things will get better. We have also been working a lot with a guy named Darrel, he’s been meeting with missionaries for a long time has been through all the lessons a couple of times but has had a hard time keeping commitments, but he’s been really making progress lately so that’s been really awesome, to see him grow and really begin to make a change in his life, and him seeing how much better his life because of him turning his life to Christ. We have also been working with a guy named Charles a lot we met with him, I think every day this week, he really studies the bible a lot so it’s been fun to get all of his questions from the bible and trying to search the scriptures for find them, I feel like I have really learned a lot from teaching him. Something he couldn’t get past for a long time was when the Sabbath was changed from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week and that was pretty interesting to learn about. I realized there is a lot of things that I had never really even thought about. It also helped me realize that the gospel is about so much more than all of the things small details and procedures, the gospel has been restored in this latter day to bring us happiness. On Thursday since elder Mellen is still in my district and is the district leader he goes on splits with everyone so on Thursday I went up to southern Maryland that was cool, to see more of the country area it was much different than the city. on Friday we had our final interviews with president Cooke, that will be the last time that I saw him. I’m sad I didn’t get to spend more time with him. He was a really personal president, he would email each one of us every week we would write Him and he would always respond so that was really awesome I don’t think many mission presidents will do that, we also had interviews with him every transfer. He was a super great president I will defiantly miss him. Next Friday we will meet our new president so that will be exciting. Things are going pretty good here me and elder lee is doing good, we are a pretty funny companionship, he’s this really small Asian kid from Australia an next to him I look like a pretty large white kid. So we look pretty funny walking around town Anacostia. The summer is starting to kick in here it’s way humid and way hot it’s like a different kinda heat than I have ever felt. DC is super cool it has been awesome to get to know a different city and be a part of the east coast.



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