My New Companion-Elder Lee

Hey family, this has been a pretty exciting  week, on Tuesday since it

was Elder Mellens last day i Cristina a recent convert had us over for

dinner we had fried chicken and it was some of the best fried chicken

I ever had. On Tuesdays before transfers is when president calls and

says who your new companion is and if you are leaving where you are

headed. My new companion is Elder Lee, he was actually in Anacostia

central so he lived in the room right across hall, it was funny

because they had told him he was leaving them he just got sent across

the hall. They actually got ride of Anacostia central so we got part

of the area and Anacostia north got part of the area. So that was

kinda exciting. Also on Tuesday might before Mellen left I asked him

to give me a hair cut and he messes up so he had to pretty much just

shave my head bald hahah. Wednesday we went up to transfers and since

it was president cookes last transfer he talked for awhile. I wasn’t

with him long but he was a really great president, I’m sad I didn’t

get to spend more time with him but I’m sure the new guy will be

great. After that we met with a guy named Darron that has met with

missionaries off and on for the last 2 years and I had never met him

till then and he was really awesome he really has a desire to change

and be baptized and become a Mormon, but he’s just way flaky and

disappears all the time  so hopefully we can keep him on track and he

can come to church. We are also working with a guy Darell that I have

already seen a huge difference in his life, he cut out all alcohol, he

was stuck on beer for awhile but now he isn’t drinking at all and he

has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and it’s been incredible

the way he talks so Highly of how the Book of Mormon made his life

better, things are just working out for him better, he’s felt the

spirt more and has felt like God is guiding him, I really hope he

continues his progress, he came to church this week and it was stake

conference and he didn’t like to much said he didn’t feel up lifted

and didn’t get much out of it, so that was a little unfortunate but I

hope he still comes next weeks and likes it more.

We now haven’t met with Mary Ann in over like 2 weeks. She was ready

to get baptized like my 2nd week here but just keeps tripping up on

cigarettes and recently she has just been ignore us and saying she is

too busy to talk when we stop by, her court trial for her divorce is

this week so we are really praying that go well and sister Critchlow

has been talking to her and thinks she will be able to meet more after

the divorce the lawyers actually told her she shouldn’t  bring her

kids to Mormon church so that was really sad, but hopefully things

will get better after the divorce.

Charles a guy we met like 2 weeks ago and was super solid really was

on point with his s beliefs and shay we believe, but then for 10 days

he didn’t pick up his phone or answer the door so we thought we lost

him, but luckily he was only in jail for 10 days and soon as he got

out he called us   And met with us and it was great to have him back,

I was really happy about that. He doesn’t smoke or drink and that’s

pretty rare he would be a supper strong member convert, I am excited

for him. On Sunday we had why I believe and the Cooke family actually

spoke at that and it was really great, sister Keenen came to that and

really loved it so that was good. It’s been pretty different with out

Mellen. Me being the guy that knows where things are and knows the

investigators it’s been pretty exciting and a little more stressful

but it’s been good. Today we went to the air a space mutism it was

pretty cool I wish we took of picture of us all outside the building I

don’t know why we didn’t, but the museum was super cool! I love you

guys and hope you have a great week!

New Companion image1


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