Crossing Borders

Hey Fam! So this week has been a pretty good week, we didn’t do anything too special last p day, today we are going to the zoo. The zoo is part of the Smithsonian so it’s free so that’s pretty cool and it’s in a part of DC I haven’t been. On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in our area and it was actually a pretty crazy day so we had an appointment with Betty in Barry farms but then after that we were tracking and we met this guy and he was pretty drunk and he was telling us his life story for like 20 min eventually he lets us in, he was a pretty nice dude and he pulls out these really nice Johnston and Murphy dress shoes and just gives them to me it was pretty crazy. Then we had an appointment on the other side of our area that fell through but we started walking away kinda mad we just walked so far for nothing but then we get the feeling to go back so we do and we see two ladies that we talked with and she has had the mission discussions and just lost touch somehow, and she was super excited we came from her and she started crying and this Sunday she came to church, it was a super cool miracle. The lord really is aware of all of his sheep. Then after that we tried to take a bus home but took the wrong bus so we got off and now we’re super far from our home and it was 9:30 so I was freaking out a little and we were walking and some one yells at us from a car and I yell can we have a ride and the guy hits his breaks in the middle of the road so he’s like blocking traffic, so we run and hop in and it’s this gangster Muslim dude he was a super intense Muslim it was cool to learn more about their faith.  but he was actually really nice and dropped us off close to home so it was super awesome, it’s really cool that he was willing to help us out even tho we have different beliefs, it was a good reminder that as Christians we just need to be looking to help everyone. Then on Wednesday we got to go to the temple because transfers are almost here, it’s super awesome that we get to go each transfer. I really love the temple and it is such an important place for families and I’m so grateful families can be together forever! On Thursday we had exchanges with the traveling trainers so I was up in Potomac which is like the most wealthy area so the exact opposite of Anacostia so it was pretty wild to see such nice houses and areas. It was pretty cool to see the other side of the mission this lady sent us home with chicken it was super awesome that never happened to me before. On Friday we helped this lady crystal move, we didn’t think it would be long but it ended up being most of the day and she lived on the 3rd floor back apartment so everything had to be moved pretty far to the truck, I’m really glad we went and helped her she really needed it. but funny story when we hoped in the truck we thought it was going to her moms house but she was actually taking it to storage, and the storage place was in Virginia haha so we called the A.P.s and let them know that we had actually went outside the mission but we did about 5 loads. Virginia is only like a 15 min drive I can see it from my area. So this week I have been in 2 states and in a district. On Saturday we went to this event that was for kids to play and have fun in safety and get a free meal and get like school supplies and books and all kinds of stuff. We actually signed up for it on  we saw it was close and signed up for it. It was a lot of fun and really good, the people running it asked us to say a prayer before the whole thing happened and to pray with the children. The other volunteers were also super amazed we were there and were very interested in what we had to say so it was a super great event. I think the kids really enjoyed it too! Saturday night was also call outs so we found out who was leaving and who is staying, elder Mellen will be leaving and I will be staying tonight elder Mellen will find out where’s he’s going and I will find out who my new comp is. So that is pretty exciting I’m sad that Mellen is leaving tho he was a great comp. it will be weird to be here without him he’s pretty well known here, he was here was 8 months. Sunday was really great we had April, Darrell and Charles at church so that was awesome they really enjoyed it. After we went to sister Keenen and we had an awesome meal she is so nice I just wish we could get her to Come to church every week she promises she will and then doesn’t come so pray that she can come this week. Other than that not to much had happened on Wednesday I will be getting my new comp so hopefully that goes well. I hope you have a good week I love you all! Love Elder Davidson


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