Adjusted to Missionary Life

Hey fam! It’s been a pretty solid week! Last p day was zone activity so that was fun we played basketball and some football. Time is really starting to fly by I know I haven’t been out long but I feel like this last week just zipped by. It’s been really warm this last week it is super humid here you can like feel it when you walk outside, it’s weird. We have had to do a lot of finding this week, unfortunately Mary Ann hasn’t been picking up the phone or answering the door and she was supposed to be getting baptized next week. This week we did meet a guy named Charles it’s a really cool older man that at first was kinda just bashing us but eventually warmed and felt like it could make sense he didn’t make it to church, unfortunately:( but he said he would for sure make next week. We still haven’t heard from John I hope he is doing well. Really I feel like it’s just been a pretty normal week or maybe I am just pretty adjusted to missionary life. I am really loving being a missionary it is such a blessing to get to share a message of good news about the restored gospel that is on the earth today. Sorry, this one is so short. I love you guys have a great week! Love Elder Davidson


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