The White Team

So this week has been another very rainy week, but it’s been a pretty good one. Last Monday we ended going and playing football at the national mall which was pretty cool just to be playing football in-between these huge monuments. That night we went and played baseball with John, Mary’s son. That was good we taught him the first lesson after and he seemed to understand and said he would read the Book of Mormon so that was super exciting he came to church yesterday. Mary is doing well as well she is set to get baptized June 5th, pray that she will be able to avoid cigarettes. The other John is also doing well we have now taught him all the lessons and he’s been to church for like 4 weeks in a row and he’s trying to straighten things out so he can take the sacrament. It’s incredible the conversations I have with him now and where he started in just 4 weeks it’s crazy to see how much change happened in his life. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and it changes life’s John is a living testimony of that. So this week we finally made some progress with Darrell missionary’s have been meeting with him for almost a year now and it’s not like he has any issues against the church he’s just really hard to meet with and has issues keeping commitments, but he always tells us to never give up on him. But anyway we were able to catch him on Thursday and really tell him that the gospel requires action and he needs to start working with us to make change happen, he agreed and he came to church this week. This was the first time he came to church so that was great! Oh funny story so on Friday night we are tracking doors and we go to this door and it was from that night for one of the high schools here so these people are like having a party thing and taking pictures and stuff, and they ask us to be in the photos some and elder Mellen got in a bunch of people’s prom photos so that was pretty funny I thought. Also that night we got in on a pickup football game it’s so funny how People see us and they want to play us and we just cut everyone and automatically get in games. We were playing some older guys like 25-30 and there was a bunch of kids and every time elder Mellen or I did everything they would all Chant “white team” so that was pretty exciting that was the first time we got in an intense football game.  On Saturday we got to meet with Valencia and her kind of said she doesn’t have time for us but we are going to keep pushing because she just has so much potential. A lot of miracles happened in her life and she got a teaching job and she got a pretty nice apartment and now she gets rent vouchers so things are good with her she’s just having a hard time with holding appointments and she’s a little freaked out by the blacks and the priesthood thing. I think she will come around so we will continue to stop by but we defiantly moved a little backward with her this week. Things are going well here I’m pretty sure it rained here more this last month than it has rained in California the last 3 years. Oh yeah also yesterday we locked our bikes up to go talk tracked an apartment and when we come out both of our front tires were gone and we were super mad but luckily on our journey home I found my tire down in like a ravine, unfortunately elder Mellen never found his tire and we looked for a while. So RIP his front tire. I thought that whole thing was kind of funny but I feel bad for Mellen. It was a pretty average week but a great week I love being a missionary every day is so exciting and it’s such a blessing to watch these peoples life change and getting to know the people here and see life from a whole new perspective. I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Love Elder Davidson


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