Sunday Dinners

Hey Fam and Friends! So this week has been kind of a rough week, Robert the guy that was on date for this Sunday moved to Texas, so we met with on Saturday when he didn’t show up to church so we called him he didn’t pick up he just responded with a text saying that he moved to Texas so that kind of sucked. We sent his info to Texas so hopefully, they can find him and teach him. He was also the one with the really smelly home so that makes it not hurt as much that he moved away Haha. Also, Danisha said she didn’t want to see is any more so that stunk. Also the saddest of all was Valencia we hadn’t met with her for awhile but she has 3 kids she’s a super sweet women she has been pretty solid she has super strong faith in God it’s incredible but she got kicked out of her home so 3 night ago she slept on the street with her 3 little kids she called us the next day just asking us to pray for her and when we asked if could come by she told us about her situation so we got her set up in the women and child facility and we are trying to help her get back on her feet and get a job, but they whole situation makes me sad. So keep her name your prayers. It was incredible to see when she had nothing going for her all she asked for was for prayers she had that much faith in God that she knew him she could come back. That’s pretty much it for the sad news.

On the bright side John is doing really well he’s gone about 2 weeks sober he’s going to church this Sunday and we are meeting with him twice a week and he’s reading the Book of Mormon every day. He is truly night and day since the first day I have seen him the church has had such a powerful great influence on his life living the gospel truly does bring more joy to your life than anything else John is a perfect example of it. He is so much happier now. Also, a lot of neighbors know him so they are like super happy that we are helping him out so we able to get inside a few peoples houses near him so that was cool. Mary Ann the investigator that has been around forever met with us this week and went to church she is doing really well yesterday we moved her baptism up from June 12 to May 15th so not this week but next, so that’s going awesome.

Okay so the coolest thing happened so last p day we were in Burlington my comp was getting a new pair of pant because he threw away his cat pee ones, but anyways so I’m just waiting for my comp and so I decided to contact this lady and she was just super nice had met with missionary’s before she loves them and invited us over for Sunday dinner, so yesterday we went it was the best dinner I have had out here like it was amazing fried chicken and biscuits and macaroni salad and this awesome juice. The sad news is that she is technically not in our area so we knew after this meal we would pass her on I know we should have past her on earlier but meals are rare for us. At the end she invited us to come over every Sunday dinner and we were really sad because we would have to give her up, but when we told her other missionary’s would come she said that all 4 of us could come for dinner for now on so that’s amazing we may have awesome dinners every Sunday night from not even a member so that is super sweet. Also, she has super strong faith in God she just doesn’t see why she needs to be rebaptized so I defiantly see her making progress. But it was just so awesome this lady fed us and fed us really good real food. Oh, also I am extremely blessed to live in a mission with a temple so we get to go once a transfer so we got to go on Wednesday the temple is so awesome it’s such a great blessing that we get to go I love the temple and the peace it brings to my life. Go to the temple if you have one close it is such an under-appreciated blessing we have in our lives I wish I went more to Hawaii when I was so close. This Wednesday has transferred obviously me and elder Mellen isn’t moving but one of our housemates is so it will be exciting to see who we get so I am sort of excited for my first transfers just to see all of the change. That is pretty much it for me. I hope you have an awesome week! I love you guys! Love Elder Davidson


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