Earning Respect on the Streets

Dear Fam and friends. So last p day we had our zone activity which was just playing football at Fort Washington, and then after we went and walked through the fort which was actually pretty cool. After just my comp and I went to the national archive, which is where the Declaration of Independence, bill of rights, the constitution and really all of the really important national documents it was pretty cool to go look at them they didn’t allow photos though so that was lame. Fun fact only 12 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence so really there are only 12 original colonies.

Tuesday I officially earned my respect in the streets so we were riding home after an appointment and we are riding past some basketball courts and these guys start calling us out so we say alright let’s ball. This streetball was way more intense than my first this time we were playing at the good men court which is like the nicest street court it’s the one Kevin Durrant had built, so the stands are full of people yelling. It’s the picture perfect street ball, and then I just have the best game of my life I don’t even know how I was in church clothes. Everyone was going crazy that this white kid was doing so well and then I get a pack on the other teams like best player and everyone is just going nuts. Plus my team won it was my comp and I and two others we played to 21, we won 22-20 so it was super close but we won and it was just super cool and then the next day we just talking to random people and they are calling us Mike Miller haha like just random people knew about the game so that was super cool. Also one of the guys was an inactive member so it was great to reconnect with him and invite him to church and get his contact info.

Wednesday was a pretty good day we had a lot of lessons that day, one was within this girl named Danisha and she’s super I funny lady she doesn’t like religion or the word religion or church so we aren’t allowed to use those words she says she only lets us come back because she likes our inner spirituality so that was pretty cool I don’t know it was an interesting experience she’s a pretty cool lady. Also, we visited John and have been doing our own 12 steps with him so it’s been interesting studying that whole program and doing it with him we found out yesterday he was baptized 40 years ago. He doesn’t remember anything about the church so we are first trying to just help Him with his addictions and then we just to plan to teach him all of the lessons like he was a brand new investigator. John has been sober for over one week so that’s great!

Another lady we have been teaching is Mary Ann and she came to church today and she just has a lot going on in her life so it was big she came to church she is on a date for June 12 so hopefully, she will stay on track. Also, we are teaching this guy Darrell he’s a super great guy he’s just always gone and super flaky but he told us to never give up on him so we won’t. He kind of skipped out on the whole school education so he can’t really read at all so it makes him extra hard to teach but he will get there.

On Friday I had this guy try and bible bash me for the first time so that was kind of fun he kind of destroyed with Bible stuff I didn’t know what scriptures to counter him with, but I just hold him it’s great to know the bible but at the end of the day it’s all about Jesus Christ because it really is and I tried to just love him because I wasn’t

gonna win an argument with him. Also Saturday there are these people here called black Israelites who just try to argue with everyone and say that only black people can be saved and they are convinced Jesus is black and all the white people are cursed. So that was an exciting conversation. I feel like not a ton happened this week. Today we are going to a couple of the Smithsonian museums that should be exciting.

Oh also I have super bad allergies it’s weird I’ve never really had them before but I do here. That’s pretty much my week sorry its kind of a boring one. I love you guys I love the work and I love the gospel it’s a huge blessing in our life’s and I’m so privileged to get to share it! This morning we went and took sunrise photos at the Lincoln and got in line and got tickets to go to the top of Washington! That was super sweet so here are some photos.



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