Moving Along

Hey Fam and friends! So this week has been a pretty solid week time is starting to fly by way quick I feel like it was just p day. Last p day we just took care of some things that had to be done but then after we went mt biking, which was way fun, we went through a pretty cool forest. Unfortunately

I flipped my bike and bent my chain so that was unfortunate so this week has been a bike less week for me, but on the bright side, I learned the bus routes so that’s been fun riding the bus more but I’m excited to get a new chain today.  So I hope that goes well.

Even without my bike we had a pretty good week, we met with Mary Ann the lady that we put on a b date last week she’s going through a divorce and a lot of other stuff so she is always busy and always bails so it was great to get an appointment with her and we locked down an appointment with her forever Thursday for now on. Because sis Critchlow offer to cook us and Mary Ann’s family dinner every

Thursday so that is so clutch gets a dinner and an apt so that’s big. She really wants to be baptized and reads the Book of Mormon and knows of the power of the Book of Mormon she is just so busy it’s hard but I think she is starting to understand that if she will put church and the lord first in her life she will be greatly blessed. So go to church everyone it will bless your life!! Also, remember John the crack guy, so we went to go visit him on Thursday because it was his birthday so we wanted to go make sure he was alive. We are walking up on his street and we see fire trucks and ambulance so we ran down and saw him getting loaded, and they didn’t seem to rushed but he was out so we figured he was dead and pretty okay. Good news he was pretty okay, we got a call from him Friday night so we went over and he was like a totally different person when he was sober so that was cool to meet him sober. He said he was going to quit so we hope that continues, he came to church Sunday and was sober still and asked a lot of really great questions and seemed like a sort of functioning person, so that was super awesome. Keep John In your prayers that he will have the strength to overcome the temptations that he will have. So this week we meet a guy named Robert and he’s a pretty strange guy. We were just hitting doors because we were near where our apt was but it wasn’t for 30 min so we just hit doors in that area. And we met Robert, he pretty quickly invited us in and wow his house smelt so badly of cat pee like so bad he has easily over 20 cats, and he told us he had a dog but it died of old age I’m not so sure it was old age. 2 other guys lived there with him and junk just filled the place and it was all just soaked in cat pee. I littler almost threw up. After the lesson, our clothes smelt so bad of cat pee we ran home and threw our clothes right in the washer our roommates could smell us it was so bad. Good news is after the cloths where washed the smell was gone.

Also, more importantly, the lesson went really well and he has committed to be baptized May 8th which is really soon so we are meeting with him 3 times a week. He said he died for 11 min and he saw his mom (who is dead) and she told him he had to do more with his life so us coming to the doors is gods way of saying this is it. It’s awesome to see how the lord is preparing people for us to find. Also, that’s why he wants to get baptized on mother’s day because of the mom connection.

On Saturday we got to be in the cherry blossom parade as balloon holders, it was a super cool experience. So we held the giant cherry blossom balloon so like the opening of it we were just holding the balloons In the back and apparently that was on a good morning America so if you go watch Saturday’s good morning America maybe you will see me. But standing there with so much going on so much excitement and festive all I could think is how privileged we are to live In America

I think that is something we under appreciate even with all the craziness now we still live In a country that leads the world and a country that was ordained by God so we could practice any religion we want, I love the United States of America! After the intro we moved back to be like in our order and the Asian girl that is one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars was like In front of us so while we where waiting before like we go, she started talking us and I gave her a pass Long card so that was kind of cool to share our beliefs with her, she says she really likes Mormons. Eventually, we went through the parade and that was super cold because it’s like a pretty big parade so lots of people and to walk through it all and wave to people were cool. It was a lot of fun and a good opportunity for everyone to see the missionary’s out in the community.

On Sunday church was good but we had 4 investigators come to church but like no one has cars out here so it’s always really hard getting people ride because pretty much everyone with a car is already picking someone up from the ward or less active. But we found everyone rides and it worked out okay. After church at the Visitor’s center, there was an event called “Why I Believe” which they do once a month and it’s an event where they chose some recent converts to tell why they believe so it was a great event to bring a few of our investigators to. The main speaker was senator Presley, they usually get one semi-famous person and 2 others talk. The event was really good Robert, marry and Danisha loved it so that was good. We were there Sort of late because we took our investigators to the Visitor’s center and the sisters they take them on like individual tours. So while we were waiting I got to talk to the senator pretty casually for a bit so that was kind of cool he’s a good guy. That was pretty much my week I love you all! The church is true and the Book of Mormon really does change lives!


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