Life is Good

This week has been a pretty good week, so last P day we went to George Town then we went to the senate building, capital building and the Supreme Court building. Some other missionaries had a member that worked in senators lee office so she got us a VIP tour so that was cool we had to go through 3 different metal detectors then we got to walk around like where the senators actually are and where the business goes down so that was super cool. Then we went over to the capital building under ground there is a tunnel that connects the senate and the capital building and there like is a bus thing that takes you across so that was cool. The buildings here are super grand like the capital building is so large and big and nice. There is so much history in buildings and walls and statues it was so cool to walk through. Then we got to actually go like upstairs like way up which most people don’t and we got to go on Paul Ryan’s balcony and like walk though where all the congressman work and like the different rooms where different things are argued so that was super cool. After we went to the Supreme Court building we didn’t get any special tour of that we just like walked through the visitor’s center, which was pretty cool, so many large cool statues.

Okay back to business so remember how we played basketball last week so one of the guys we had an appointment with on Tuesday was already baptized when he was 8 and was active until he was about 18 he was even gonna go on a mission but then he got caught up in bad things and did 6 years in prison and actually became Muslim in prison but its been 5 years since he has been out and he wants his 4 year old kid to know Jesus and he wants to come back to church. His name is Kevin we actual still don’t know his last name. He is a super cool guy so after we kind of just talked to him Tuesday and he told us about his life and his desires we tried to set up another appointment that week but he said he couldn’t but we still invited him to church and he said he would come, but he didn’t. We called him Sunday and said we could come over but then we went to his house and he wasn’t home and didn’t pick up so that was a pretty big let down we will go stop by his house tonight. But Kevin defiantly felt the spirit when we are with him and I have confidence he will start coming at some point.

The most exciting part of this week is that I put my first person on B date. This lady that they had been meeting with before I came, her name is Mary Ann, she is actually white which is mind-boggling. They have been teaching her for awhile and kept saying she wasn’t ready but the lesson went super well and the spirit was so strong and I asked and she actually said yes so that was super cool she is on date for may 7th so we will see if we can keep that date. But it was just an awesome experience to see through out the lesson how the spirit let her know how important baptism is.

One of the more saddening moments of this week is when we went to visit a guy names john McCarthy, so john called and said I want to meet with you guys and I didn’t know who john was so like I was like amazed someone just called me and wanted to meet with me like it was a miracle but then my comp was like oh I know john we’ve talked to him before be doesn’t ever keep commitments so then my excitement was a little killed but we still went over there and knocked and he didn’t answer so we call him he picks up and tells us he’s sick but I’m just trying to meet the guy so I’m like no lets us come help you then he just starts crying saying I’m real sick man I’m dying I’m dying this crack is killing meso we say man we can help you lets us in, some guys was staying at his house so he had him come let us in, his house just smelt horrible bottles everywhere super small nothing but suitcases and beds on the floor he’s in the back room and son we go to him and he’s crying, and drinking vodka he drinks a half gallon or more everyday and he is a crack addict so he us just crying how he is killing himself with drugs so he might swell just take his own life right there he was holding a bottle of pills he was about to down with his vodka and he’s just yelling how there is no god he hates his life and him self and he wants to die. So we just start praying like I had no idea what to do and my comp just folds his arms and starts praying out loud and asking that john will be okay and we can help him and the whole time like I have my arms folded but I didn’t want to take my eyes off john. So the whole time he’s sipping on his vodka and pills in the other hand but during the prayer he finishes the last of the vodka in his cup so he sets down the pills to grab the vodka bottle to refill his cup but him being drunk and high drops the pill bottle on the ground. He like forgot about the pills or something cuz he didn’t pick them up he just went back to drinking and didn’t even bother to grab the pills. So that was like sort of a miracle and as weird as like all that was going down I had never seen the power of prayer so strongly. So then we are just talking to john trying to tell him that he needs to stop and like he knows he needs to stop he just cant he couldn’t even stop drinking for the time we were there, I think as far as recovering from addition he is out of our scoop of help we are trying to see if we can get him into some facility or something. But so how it ends john is super fat so he has like this air mask so he asks me to turn it out so I do he puts it on and just lays down so on our way out we grabbed the bottle of pills and threw them away. So we plan to go check on him again to see if he’s still alive. I hope he is but over all like it was just a crazy experience like I can’t really like describing the whole thing.

We had one investigator come to church her name is Bridget she’s also an alcoholic and smokes and really she is just looking for money but we invited her to church and we went with Bro Critchlow to pick her up and she came but during sacrament she just slept then during Sunday school she mad a bunch of weird noises and was like breathing weird and then when it was time for relief of society she said the room was too small and she needed to go home and on our way home she is asking for stuff and bro cirtchlow stops at giant and gives us 20 to go get her stuff so we went in and she needed diapers (for her self) cough drops and beef. I was kind of annoyed he was doing this cu I knew she just spent all her money on alcohol and cigarettes but it was still nice I guess, but overall bringing her to church was an overall frustrating experience.

This letter is getting pretty long but a lot of funny things happen here I could write a lot about the funny and crazy stories here but those are kind of of the just the ups and downs of the week. Life is good here I am liking my comp more and more we are becoming pretty good friends so all is well here I love you guys and I Love the gospel and I love missionary work!!! Love Elder Davidson



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