The Mormon Castle

So I have completed my first full week in the field it has been a pretty good week. On Tuesday we had training for the new missionaries and that was all the way in Potomac so it was like an hour long metro ride, the metro is great here there are stops all over and trains come every 10 min so it’s a pretty good way to travel here. During rush hour the metro is super packed and its also a good time to teach people but most the time people don’t form our area so all we can do in referring them to other elders. So that killed most of our day Tuesday but the training was good it was more like logistical and procedure stuff. During the training, the president said all new missionaries should go with their trainers to the temple so the next day we went to the Washington DC temple. It is the coolest positioned temple ever, when you are driving to its just bursting out of the trees it looks so cool and everyone knows of the “Mormon Castle” so that’s a good tool for talking to people. Also, people know it because apparently, people tried to steal the Moroni, they flew a helicopter over the top and tried to rip Moroni off, so the temple here is defiantly pretty famous amongst everyone. The temple is super huge and super spacious it was really awesome to go inside. So speaking of temples in general conference they were brought up pretty often after a talk about temples one of our investigators Tyron turned to me and said I want to do whatever it takes to go inside one of your temples. That was super awesome the spirit bore such strong testimony to him of temples. A little back-story on Tyron when we where riding bikes to an appointment Wednesday night he yells, “hey white boys lets race” he was also on a bike. (People love to race here I’ve raced like 5 people in like a week and a half its kinda weird) So we said okay race to the stop sign he beat us usually we win, after he asked what we were doing here and we told him a little bit about the church and said we could come over the next day, so we go back the next day he wasn’t home because no one ever is. But then Friday night we are going home and we see him so we teach him for like 20 min in the street and invite him to general conference and HE CAME!! I didn’t think he would we barely even taught him and he came and had an awesome experience and we are meeting with him tomorrow night so we will see how that goes I’m really excited for Tyron! That was probably the highlight of my week! Also, side notes our church is three metro stations away so it’s about a 20 min drive from our area to the church so it’s not super easy to go.

Friday afternoon we played prose ball that’s what my comps calls it its just playing basketball in our proselyting cloths so we went to the court and everyone’s yelling “white boys in suits come play” and they are all just like laughing but it was super fun they say a lot of funny things and these guys were really good we only played for one game to 21 but after we got 4 peoples contact info and have appointments with them this week so it was actually pretty effective.

For the first time I was actually super excited about the general conference it went by way faster then it has ever before, it was so powerful and there was so much good insight. I don’t have my notes with me so I don’t know who said it but I loved the talk that talked about really thinking about the claims that we make as a religion and how true and wonderful they are. Sometimes we just say “we Know Jesus died for us” or that “Families can be together forever” or “We have a modern-day prophet” but when we say these things do we think of how truly powerful they are. Are we fully appreciating the good news of the gospel? When we think of how magnificent these things are it is the greatest thing someone could know and it is such a blessing that we know these things in our life and if we recognize how wonderful they are we should be jumping to help others come to know these things because it is truly the greatest thing they could ever know.

I also really like elder Holland’s closing remarks we can have a better tomorrow. I really loved conference this year and was really happy I could watch all 10 hours of it. That was pretty much my week. Today we are going on a tour of the capital building so that should be cool I’m pretty excited for that. I love you guys! Love Elder Davidson



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