MTC Living

Hey Guys, I have now been here for two weeks so I feel like I am pretty used to life here.  The weeks seem to fly by but the days are so long as we work 13 hour days every day and it feels like it! We leave Tuesday really early in the morning so that will be exciting but that is gonna be a long day.  I already know my flight leaves at  9:40 am but we are told to meet at the travel office ready to go at 4:50 am so that is kinda lame. Life has been good here tho and I am really making progress with our “investigators” and that has been good to really get used to teaching and how to better use the spirit to teach.  I got a “Baptism date” with one which was exciting even though it is just a pretender.   Oh, one night here they had Chick- Fil A and ate 3 chicken sandwiches and a ton of fries; it was crazy that they had chick fil a here but fun. Also, it snowed here a tiny bit so that was exciting its been pretty cold so the field hasn’t been open but the gym has been enjoyable. I can’t believe that I only have a few days left here.  I feel like I have grown so much here already and am super excited to get to the field and learn even more. Its definitely been tough – a lot of go go go and not much sleep but it has been worth it. I am getting used to my comp and that is going better. One elder in my room elder brown sets up a hammock in our room every night and sleeps in it. He connects it from the door to like the bed so that is pretty funny. I am learned so much in the mtc and I am gonna be sad to leave it as my teacher is super great.  The devotionals are amazing at the MTC and are always super uplifting and empowering.  The food is great so I will be sad to leave but next time I write I will be in Washington DC – it is crazy how fast these last two weeks have gone by. I love you all! Love Elder Davidson! (This is just the elders that live in my room elder brown the one next to me is super cool he is my favorite in my district!)



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