1st Letter from the MTC

Hey Family, So I have completed a week in the MTC today and it has been a crazy and very spiritual experience.  I have learned so much and gained such a stronger testimony that Christ is our Savior. So the first day I got here was brutal (I also had woken up at 4 am).  So at first they gave me a 2 week schedule and I thought oh nice, but then later a dude came in and said just kidding and he gave us all 3 week schedules.  We are the first group of missionaries to have the 3 week schedule so that’s cool (church just changed the policy that all missionaries speaking their own language will stay in the MTC 3 weeks).   We are to leave our home (room) by 7am and we are not to come back till 9:30pm.  So every day is super long and hard but the week has flown by and somehow I am glad I will be here 3 weeks as the MTC is great and I have learned so much here.  The spirit is so strong here; oh and the food is amazing. 

My companion is Elder Monsen he is a nice kid and has a super strong testimony but he has Asperger and some other mental handicaps so it’s a bit of a struggle but I am learning and he has like the whole BOM memorized ha-ha so that’s great. On the first night I was called to be the distract leader so that’s been an experience. There are only 8 in my district; 4 elders and 4 sisters some are going to New Jersey and some to Kentucky. 4 people live in a room so it is me and my comp and the 2 other elders that are in my district. They are both pretty nice guys. My teacher is Brother Nielsen and he is great.  He is such a good guy and a great teacher and I feel very blessed to have him. We already have our investigators and we teach one tonight. It has definitely been fun and I have learned a lot about teaching. Sunday was great and we gotta to watch Elder Bednar’s talk the Character of Christ and it was such an amazing talk. I went to the temple today and that was a wonderful experience; I felt like I took away a lot more than I have ever had before so that was neat. We have exercise time everyday which has been a lot of fun. I am not sure what else to tell you: we get up; eat; go to class for 5 hours; eat lunch; go back to class for 4 hours; then eat dinner; and then we teach at night.  I am getting better and better at teaching. So that’s good! I love you guys and miss you all! Elder Trevor Davidson


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